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2012 Collections on Youtube

I love how so many brands have jumped onto the youtube bandwagon. Certainly, there’s something enthralling about runway that cannot be replicated, but a youtube video brings so much life! character! and personality to the brand. With its concept, the props (or lack thereof) and the movements of the models, one gets to know the brand, as it is, so much better. Here are my top 5 favourites!

my absolute favourite has to be the Louis Vuitton one. love the colours, love the contrast! I want to be that model.

Moschino Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

The slim, immaculately model languishes on a paint-splotched metal ladder, looking as if she’s comfortably at tea session with the best of her girlfriends…

I loved the shoes, I think the concept is abit crazy, and I’ve no idea how anyone would strut the streets with that insane fluff of mesh. It does look ethereally pretty though, I can imagine a character out of any of Tim Burton’s fantastical movies wearing that, or perhaps Julia Robert’s incarnation of the Evil Queen?

I did fancy the double-breasted coats. They seem so chic, neat and do have that effect of making one’s shoulders seem broader. Designer Rosella Jardini added the unexpected element of huge statment necklaces over several large coats – something you normally wouldn’t think of since a coat is supposed to be worn over everything else, but hey, it’s nice to mix it up.

What’s your favourite Pre-fall Collection for 2012 so far?

Marni for H&M

It’s kinda funny that even though H&M has come to Singapore, I haven’t actually bought anything from the store (I blame the crowd and the long queues and the fact that prices aren’t that cheap as compared to HK). But maybe that will change with the new collection: Marni for H&M.

Fronting the new campaign is Imogen Poots (you might remember her from the movie, Jane Eyre) who looks absolutely sleek and composed in Consuelo Castiglioni’s divine creations.

From what I can see, this collection is looking to be rather luxe with the shiny paisley fabric and the use of bold circular purple prints which really stays true to Marni’s aesthetic. One thing I really do love about this brand is the unique choice of colors and prints that looks alittle crazy but somehow, it just works. I am totally digging the retro mint green purse. I hope there’s going to be an adaptation of that for the H&M collection.

Also, check out the video…

Marni for H&M will retail in stores March 8th 2012.

Cos I had a bad day

I’d like to think that bad days are few and far between for me because I’m generally an optimistic person who likes to look on the bright side of things but today was just too much. A combination of too many things going on at work that’s resulted in an accumulation of stress and emotional strain coupled with some personal issues and of cos the icing that takes the cake, the random events of today that just made things so difficult. I really tried to reign it all in but alas, today I finally cracked and had a complete meltdown.

It’s really a funny story because I was happily taking a train ride back from Clementi after meeting friends and was so thrilled that I got a seat on the train but it wasn’t long before we had an announcement blaring over the speakers to say that there’s a segment of the train tracks are faulty and this will delay the arrival of our train. Now this announcement would play every 5 mins or so whenever our train stalled and after awhile, passengers who were patient before, grew restless. Some would shift uncomfortably in their seats, others would start getting up and pacing around and some would breath heavily and palpably demonstrate their nervousness.

I tried distracting myself by msging Mark who was watching the Australian Open semi-finals between Murray and Djokovic but it was pretty obvious after awhile that this form of distraction was no longer working.

First sign of distress- ignore the tennis conversation

Trying to stay calm and showing some semblance of rationality

Trying to assess the situation and staying hopeful

Full on fear as people start quarreling. 

Now I have to say that I’m a peace loving person so I am very VERY fearful of conflicts and confrontations so to be in the thick of all the action was pretty darn scary for me. Sure it was interesting to see people’s reactions. Some would cower and shift to another cabin, others would voice their displeasure, some would try to keep people calm and tell them to take a chill pill. I remember a group of teens would could even joke about the situation, likening the MRT to the CTE traffic jam. I guess everyone reacts differently in stressful situations and it is the varied reactions that causes unpredictability.

A clash of opinions, raised voices, frustrated kicks, a very afraid yet very compelled audience… Let’s just say that I was so thankful that the doors opened at Outram Park and I could get out and escape from all the drama. But of course, being the scatter brain that I am, I somehow exited the MRT station and proceeded to get lost in Outram Park. And of course my first instinct was to walk towards the main road and hail a cab. Only problem was that there was no cabs and alas, my phone battery was like, 10%? It was a truly scary moment for me. I was gripped with unexplainable fear (which doesn’t even make sense cos who the hell gets lost in Singapore? In retrospect, this sounds kind of loser-ish) and I just had a meltdown. I remember standing in the middle of pitch darkness crying because I felt so helpless and lost. It was a shitty, shitty feeling.

Thankfully, that 10% battery lasted long enough for me to have a conversation with Mark where I proceeded to describe my surroundings (I dunno how he understood me through all the sobbing and lousy directions eg. ‘there are lots of trees *gulp* and I can see the health promotion board sign in the sky *gulp*’) but to cut a long story short, he rescued me. And the next thing I remember doing is crying even harder in the car because I felt so grateful and so loved that he just dropped everything to come save me. So perhaps that is the silver lining to my story.

Despite the awful experience of today (I dunno how I am ever going to trust SMRT again) at least I know that someone cares (actually alot of people do cos I received alot of msgs from friends who expressed concern and I feel so so blessed!) and I think it is times like these that reveal so much about ourselves. It definitely dawned upon me that I’ve been too strong and proud for too long and sometimes it is okay to feel vulnerable and to let someone ‘save’ me. And it did feel really good to cry and let it all out. It was truly cathartic (as is writing and expressing my thoughts on this blog) and now I feel like I can pick myself up again and carry on.

China Glaze Hunger Games Collection

Remember my Youtube Magic post where I was totally mooning over the Tiffany Alvord cover of Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound? Well, that song turned out to be the soundtrack for the movie Hunger Games, a novel by Suzanne Collins based on the novel of the same name. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Battle Royale, a Japanese movie that is set in a dystopian society where the government forces a class of students to kill off one another and in the process, the last survivor earns immunity (warped ain’t it?) but Hunger Games has a similar plot as teens from different districts are sent to fight in a battle dome with the two winners earning glory and honour and of course, they escape with their lives.

So it is clear to see that Hunger Games is targeted at a teen audience and it has since garnered quite the following what with the popularity of the sci-fi/apocalyptic genre. I think this could be the new Twilight! So I think it is mighty clever of China Glaze to ride on this wave of fame and to produce a line of nail polishes. Tada!

The collection is called Colours of the Capitol and it is definitely a collection that favours darker, richer colours. The mossy green colour, Agro looks mighty interesting and so does that dark metallic silver, Stone Cold. But the colour that I’m most wanting to try? Probably Luxe and Lush. Iridescent white glitter? Awesome! But sadly, we’ll have to wait till March 1st for it to launch. FYI, the movie comes out March 23rd. Smart marketing tactic right there.

Colours of the Capitol can be purchased online from Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. 

Did any polish in this collection catch your eye?

Azzaro Pre-Fall Collection 2012

I’m a sucker for interesting, conceptual photoshoots. In that sense you could say I’m biased towards collections that extend the entire concept to their props & backdrop as well. Azzaro’s Pre-fall Collection caught my eye with its interesting use of mesh and the bold-yet-subtle way it advertised its brand presence.

It’s hardly obtrusive or in-your-face, but the letters one can hardly see in white definitely spell out “Azzaro” and yes, I fell for it. I love the way the incorporated it into the photoshoot & utilized the letters as props to show off the back of the dress, the sleeves, etc. In the same vein, designer Mathilde Castello Branco’s (formerly from Lanvin) use of mesh isn’t flat or boring – it’s been cut into strips to give a soft, flowy feel. Though I think that such gorgeous fragile piece would be a horror to clean. haha.

Quirkychic will be moving to our own website soon! so bear with us and our more erratic posts as we transition over :)


Natural Born Hoarder

I love(d) to hoard stuff. I really, really loved doing that. I would spend hours poring over gorgeous things in bookstores, stationary stores, and knick knack stores and bring it home and hoard it. Mostly, I forgot about it.

So this CNY, as tradition demands, I turned to my hoard and decided to declutter. Probably the most agonizing and torturous experience I’ve had to cram into two short days, given my full-time working commitments (alas! the tragedy of the working adult..) but I persevered and discarded loads of things I haven’t (and won’t) be using while discovering other treasures that laid buried underneath.

The thing about hoarding is.. it stems from an impulse (to purchase) paired with a fearful nature (i.e. better to keep than throw). Of course, there’s a little bit of greed as well, since a hoarder wants everything instead of just the bare minimum.

My parents have always frowned upon my hoarding habits, telling me that it’s not good, it’s not healthy, it’s messy… but seriously, I really didn’t see things from their perspective (mostly because all they did was tell me to make it look less messy). To me, these things I hoarded were necessary! crucial! important!

& so the years passed by..

It slowly escalated to the point where I was getting fearful of myself and started to realise the insane levels that my hoarding had reached. By this time, I had various collections of things – from valuable stamps to nail polishes to hair accessories and erasers and whatnot. Hoarding to me was now an artform.

Honestly, it was painful to declutter my entire desk, and til now there are still remnants of lingering regret and longing for my loot that is now deployed far more effectively around my house (and office space..), but I’ve definitely transformed my working space in my room to a more effective one, where everything I need is placed neatly in a specific place.

In line with my new desire to be neat and organized, before I started to declutter, I thought about what I wanted to accomplish:

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the words Sustainability and Feasibility were really important to me. So I re-organized everything to fit my new lifestyle, the post-school adult lifestyle. I prioritized the placement of basic stationary over all the fancy artsy stuff (which I used to spend hours on), I filed all my financial documents and put them in order, I re-organized all my hair accessories and makeup at one side of the desk because I utilize them on a daily basis, but separated this from the “weekend” jewellery (i.e. bangles and more fancy stuff).


This would ensure that I would not only find it easier to find my stuff, but putting them back to where they belong wouldn’t be such a chore either! Of course, it all boils down to discipline so I’m going to drag out some willpower and stick to it because my desk is now pretty damn neat and next year i’m organizing my bookshelves. (yes, I organize my room in phases because I can’t handle it all!!)


I found lost photos and organized them into photoframes or stuck them on my cork board!


all in all, a bittersweet experience. I uncovered loads of nostalgia-inducing items, and made painful decisions. I think that til now, I still can’t believe that I finally let go of so much stuff. but it’s all for the best. It’s incredibly easy to get what I want now and I’m suddenly overflowing with an abundant supply of things I thought I’d run out of, so that’s some $$ saved! Plus, it made me feel really proud of myself for finally forcing myself to persevere through this, though after it I was so tired I pretty much conked out the rest of the weekend XP

My conclusion? It’s not so much about whether you’re a natural hoarder, or whether your parents are more (or less) “effective” in barring your hoarding habits. It’s about how you develop as an individual. For me, I’m reaching a point where I desire life to be less complicated, less cluttered and effective. It’s an occupational hazard, I’d say. So it took me a long while to reach this point, but now that I’m here, I’m slightly mournful that I’ve lost a little of my artsy fartsy, easy-going young self and replaced it with a more practical, straightforward adult. My parents are shocked, surprised – but to me it’s just part of my growing process.

Citrus Infusion

As we all get over our collective food comas over the past couple of days, I thought it would be pretty apt to think about fragrances and smells that remind me of the New Year (which technically lasts for 15 days!) so here are some of my favourite bath and body products that I really like and that I foresee myself using for a long time to come.


Well, I guess this is a no-brainer especially since oranges and tangerines are closely associated with Chinese New Year. The practice of exchanging oranges while saying auspicious words actually symbolises the exchange of luck and money so don’t forget to bring your oranges home! And while you’re at it, why not smell like an orange too? I really like citrusy scents in the morning cos it perks me up and I don’t feel so drowsy and sleepy on the way to school. A good body care range that is readily available is The Body Shop’s Satsuma range.

There’s the shower gel, body butter and body polish. I personally think that body butters are too rich for our humid tropical climate especially if you get the shea or cocoa butter range. Fruit-based body butters don’t feel so dense and thick though so if I do purchase a body butter, I tend to lean towards fruity flavors like strawberry  and in this case, satsuma.

Another range from The Body Shop that is growing on me is the Sweet Lemon range. What I do like about Body Shop is how comprehensive it all is. This Sweet Lemon range has everything from lip butters to body lotions and as previously mentioned, body lotions are more suited for our climate compared to body butters and because the Satsuma range doesn’t have a body lotion formula, I think I might just switch over to Sweet Lemon.

Another citrusy favourite of mine comes from Lush and that’s Sexy Peel soap! It has a combination of various peels of lime, lemons and oranges and it is just simply divine. But if you are into shower gels, then Back for Breakfast is your pick! It is a cocktail of citrusy goodness consisting of lime, grapefruit and lemon oils!

For something more lemon scented (the pleasant kind, not dishwashing liquid type), then Bohemian is a great choice along with Whoosh! which has a stronger grapefruit scent (if you are into shower jellies. I personally find the texture alittle strange. Sorry, I’m a traditionalist. My soaps need to be firm.)

And while I love the selections from The Body Shop and Lush, I thought that I might add these other brands and scents to the list.

From left:
Philosophy’s Senorita Margarita Bath/Shower Gel, Bath and Body Work’s Orange Ginger and Mango Mandarin and Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace.

Bath and Body Works has an incredible selection of citrus scents of varying combinations so that’s definitely something to check out especially when they have a sale. Are you a big citrus fan? What’s your scent for the New Year?

Brights vs Neutrals

Chinese New Year is just round the corner (in fact reunion dinner is just a few hours away!) so I hope that everyone’s pretty much done with their shopping and is all set with the preparations. I always get really excited on the 1st day. It’s been my family’s tradition to eat zai (stir-fried vegetables. I think this is a Cantonese tradition) for breakfast and to wish my parents and grandma happy new year before leaving to visit other relatives.

Every year I try to wear something bright and cheery else the elders would nag that dark colours like black, navy and grey are inauspicious. So I’ve compiled some of my favourite brights namely, orange, red and hot pink that really define Chinese New Year. Yes, it is rather bold and normally I would avoid that but it does look so nice as a collage on Polyvore!

I am absolutely in love with the Celine Nano Luggage. It is soooo cute! Even more so in hot pink but the price tag. Tsk tsk. We can only dream. The other pick that I’m rather fond of is the Missoni shift dress in orange and hot pink. That combination goes really well. But of course if you are alittle shy and you don’t have a showy personality then perhaps you can add little pops of colour with shoes, bags or nail colour! Here are some really nice neutral colours to try.

I think you can technically get away with wearing neutrals if you sort of find something tangentially related to CNY like incorporating lace, a cheongsam inspired cut, gold accents, a conservative cut etc. I’m totally digging forest green right now thanks to Wicked. I am totally inspired by Elphaba and I’m seriously thinking of incorporating some green in my CNY outfit this year. Not sure if it’ll be successful though.

So will you be in bold brights or understated neutrals this CNY?

Longchamp Spring 2012 Campaign

prancing with the dog – that’s what comes to mind when I saw this video of Coco Rocha on the streets for the Longchamp Spring 2012 Campaign

Coco Rocha excels at pulling off the most daring and eye-catching poses. This is my favourite photo out of the entire photoshoot! That bag you see there by the way, is from the Kate Moss for Longchamp collection. I love it too!

screen capture taken from

Liisa Winkler tries her best to keep up with Coco’s brilliance but methinks she still comes off a tad stiff in the photographs.

Granted, she does have those gorgeous legs and my favourite shot of her is the one above, with the postbox.

… and if you’ve noticed – excitement excitement! Longchamp has come up with a beautiful range of bags for women to drool over – thank goodness, I was getting really tired of their one design in many colours concept. In the meantime, you can view the latest collection on their website here, or wait as the campaign slowly and seductively unravels what’s in store for us this season :)

My favourites so far:

I can’t wait for their collection to be out and when it is, I’ll be one of the many eager women queuing up for a longchamp :) til then, stay tuned for more from longchamp, as their campaign continues to review what’s in store for us, and share with us their evolving vision

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