Make A Wish this Christmas!

It’s the Christmas season, my favourite time of the year – & today my office had a really early Christmas celebration (whilst everyone is around and not on leave… as people tend to be in December)! We played a few games and had a very fun/stressful time gift wrapping hampers for each other while the timekeepers yelled at us & here’s what my team came up with :)

With the joy of construction paper, wrapping plastic, double sided and scissors, we entitled our creation

Make a Wish this Christmas”

It came with some obligatory bullshit of course, haha! The wand with the star symbolises the magic of Christmas, the mistletoe is to hang over your significant other to get a kiss, & the stars pasted all over will make all your wishes come true :)

Yay! We won best team for presentation wise, but because we weren’t violently grabbing the goodies to stuff in our hamper, we kinda lost out on Overall Best Hamper. haha.

the BF & his sis also had their own Christmas gift exchange, & she got a Krups Coffee Machine! Retailing at $199 SGD at most stores (we bought this one from NTUC Fairprice), this tiny baby might not be one of those fancy gourmet coffee machines that uses those tiny little cups of coffee, but it certainly did the job. Plus, it’s not that expensive to maintain. at $10.90 a box for a refill of the Nescafe coffees, it works out to approximately $1+ per drink, which is way cheaper than Starbucks. I tried out the Ice Cappuccino and thought it was pretty good! very frothy, but a tad too milky for the BF’s taste.

And as is tradition, we accompanied the celebrations with a huge feast at her place. She always prepares too much! I ate more than enough for 1 day’s worth, because I spent the next day waddling around HAHHA.

& my gift to the bf was a RAZER mouse – the Death Adder! I don’t know what it does but it has a laser something which will help him perform better at gaming ( & he just purchased Modern Warfare 3 anyways so yeah!)

surprisingly, on his recent trip to KL, he noted that it was actually cheaper there by a few bucks! I always thought most electronics would be cheaper here in sg, but seems like I was wrong..

Enjoy the Christmas Season everyone! May your days be filled with joy, good health and self-fulfilment! :)

i think this is insanely adorable! 

all pictures taken & edited with the iPhone 4S

mostly, with the smart-journal app Path

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whimsical, nutella-obsessed, shopaholic, bookworm. A huge fan of fantasy novels, she sees the magic in everything :) Life is too short to waste time feeling miserable. Serendipity!

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