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Lush opened its stores yesterday and I was one of the die hard fans that was there when the doors opened! Even before you can reach the store you can smell the wafting scents and fragrances that uniquely define Lush (or at least my nose is already trained to associate these scents to the brand). Insanely crowded is an understatement. The tiny shop space was just packed full of people and it was crazily difficult to maneuver around while carrying a basket and the line to get to the cashier counter was equally crazy thanks to the promo that they were having where the first 50 customers would get a free foot mask.

But thankfully, I managed to suss out what I wanted online so it was a simple grab and go. Not to mention the fact that the staff was extremely helpful and friendly giving hugs and high fives all around while dishing out drinks and snackers to tide us over the long wait. Yes, it was indeed a lively atmosphere and everyone was clearly sharing in the joy and exuberance of the moment… Lush is finally here and it is here to stay!

But enough of the shopping experience, what’s most important is the actual haul. What could I possibly have bought to warrant the $92 bill?

First up, the solid shampoo, Jumping Juniper ($16.90). I always wanted to try solid shampoos but was always afraid to buy it online because you don’t know how they smell like. Well, I finally took the plunge with Jumping Juniper and I really really love it. It smells like lavender and lime and it’s supposed to be really good for oily scalps so I decided to give this a go instead of Seanik. It lathers super well… just three swipes around my head and voila, lots of bubbles. And the end result? Clean hair that is fluffy and shiny (in a good way). Fabulous. And judging from how big the bar is, this is going to last eons. Like its equivalent to 2 bottles of shampoo. Pretty good value imo. Definitely one of my best buys from Lush EVER.

In addition to Jumping Juniper, I also purchased a conditioner called Retread and this is a recommendation from the Lush staff. I was actually looking for a hair treatment but honestly, the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze (the henna overpowers the jasmine) as well as the H’Suan Wen Hua didn’t smell that great. The latter smells herbal-y. Me no likey. And so I decided to give Retread a go. Retread has traces of melon, soya milk and yoghurt and it is suppose to restore shine to your hair.  But in a strange way, it doesn’t smell fruity at all. It has a rather musky scent actually and I’m undecided about whether I love it or hate it. Love the consistency of the conditioner. Very smooth and applies well though the results were rather disappointing. I didn’t think my hair ends felt any different from before. Given its price of $32, I don’t think it delivered. I’m better off sticking to drugstore brands like Essentials. Won’t repurchase this.

Okay moving along… let’s move on to shower products. I bought the Aqua Mirablis ($18.50) body butter at long last. This has been on my wish list for a long time and I’m so glad I got it! This is definitely on my favourites list for best Lush product. It’s up there with Honey I washed the Kids, Porridge and Jumping Juniper. It comes in this bar and it works as an exfoliator and moisturiser all at once. The thing I love about it is the smell. The ground almond nuts smell AMAZING and it’s not too harsh on the skin (at least not for me). It’s also kinda cool in the sense that when you rinse all the tiny granules away, the water turns milky and your skin really feels super clean, soft and moisturised. I used to swear by Body Shop’s body scrubs but I think I’m moving over to Lush now. Definitely, definitely a repurchase.

A whimsical item that I picked up this time round was actually a shower jelly, Sweetie Pie ($9.90). As its name implies, this is a flubber-like jelly that redefines your showering experience because you can freeze it before using it in the shower so its perfect for hot days when you need a pick me up.  Sweetie Pie is a rather fruity scent. Blackcurrant and cherries to be exact (think Ribena) so it’s quite pleasant. You can use it whole or crush up little bits to spread it all over your hair and body. It’s pretty interesting and I had alot of fun with it though it kept slipping out of my hand. Final verdict? It’s definitely something different and fun but I guess I’m not much of a shower radical so nah… gonna give this a miss next time round.

My last purchase was of course, soap! The one thing that made me fall in love with Lush in the first place. I figured that instead of the perennial favourites, I would try out something new and that turned out to be Lust ($15.10)! It has this bright pink tinge that is reminiscent of Rock Star but it is infused with Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. The scent is literally lust-worthy. Can’t say much cos I haven’t tried it out yet but it looks promising!

And because I’m one of the lucky 50 first customers of Lush, I received a small put of Volcano foot mask (USD12.95 for 3.5oz). It doesn’t smell great to be honest. It’s herbal-y but the texture is alright. Very fine clay paste that spreads over your feet easily. It also gives a slight minty, tingly feeling that’s pleasant though all in all, I would say that I prefer the Body Shop’s peppermint foot scrub (USD14 for 3.4oz) to this because of the salt granules. It just exfoliates better I think though the Lush one is cheaper.

I know this sounds crazy but every time I step into the toilet now I feel happy. I love new products and of course, I love bathing. So in putting the two together, it is literally a dream come true. Are you a Lush fan? What are your Lush must-haves? Share them with us!

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  1. Ooh, nice haul! I got the Seanik shampoo bar, and the fresh face mask. I wished I got Aqua Mirabilis too, but I wasn’t sure how to store it after using. Does it melt?

    • oh i love aqua mirablis! u need to pick it up at the store the next time. i just put it in a soap tray that drains well. u know those with holes/lines so water can flow out? those work great! let me know whether u like seanik. i might have to get that the next time. i popped by today and they ran out of jumping juniper!

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