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Time to tighten those purse strings!

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, I’m sure that we’ve all had some heavy damage done to our wallets but seriously, how can one resist? Some of these sales are just so mindblowingly good. I ordered some stuff from Forever 21 and it’s actually been awhile since I last ordered from them because I felt like their clothes were too casual and not exactly work appropriate. I was going through that whole phase of ‘I’m all grown up’ and ‘oh I have an identity crisis’ and ‘oh where shall I shop at now?’ but of course once I saw the great promotions going on, I was 21 all over again.

There were yellow tag deals where denim was going for US$9 when it sells instores for S$19, up to 80% off sale stock with buy 1 get 1 free promos… It’s insane. You can literally get 2 articles of clothing for US$11.90 but of course I ended up buying other stuff aside from the sale stuff so that amounted to alittle bit more. Here’s what I got.

If luck would have it, I actually saw the floral embroidered top in stores a couple of days earlier but thought I would check out prices online to see if I would get a better deal and I did! This went for US$11.90 online because it was part of the sale section whereas instores it retails for maybe S$19-25? (Can’t remember exactly but it’s around there). Another steal from the Heritage 21 range was this scoop cut knit dress. I love basic dresses like this cos it’s kinda American Apparel-esque. The price point is much better though. This retails for US$12.90.

And since I haven’t gotten over my love affair with lace, I thought why not go all out with a conservative little number. I actually bought a somewhat similar dress from Supre last year but that was wayyyy more figure-hugging (as all Supre dresses are) so I thought that it would be nice to have something that didn’t cling too much and I could wear for tea outings and such. With a price of US$17.90, this was probably one of the more affordable dresses offered at F21. In fact, it’s the price of a top or a tunic so I thought this was a great buy. And of course I was susceptible to the $9 denim. I bought one instores and it fit pretty well (do note that the dye runs alittle so be sure not to mix this with other clothing in the wash for the first few times) so I figured, why not. So all in all, I spent US$75 on 5 articles of clothing (didn’t feature another dress cos it went oos). We’ll have to see how much Vpost charges for shipping but not bad if I do say so myself.

Aside from online buys however, it seems that shops are also getting in on the holiday spirit and armed with my UOB Lady’s Card, I get pretty good deals like 1 for 1 crepes from Out of the Pan from sun to thurs, 3% rebate at Sephora and 15% off Timberland. So it’s not at all surprising that I FINALLY bought my Amherst boat shoes that I’ve been going on and on about for ages.

It was quite shocking actually to see Timberland at Raffles City completely swamped with people thanks to the up to 80% off sale. Sadly this sale didn’t apply to the classic shoe range so thank you UOB Cards for that discount. Took off $27 from my bill so my shoes set me back S$152 instead (I know, it sucks that Timberland online is so much cheaper. Sigh.) But whatever. I’ve got my shoes and they have these cute twirly laces on. I’m a happy camper.

I cannot wait to try out looks like these! New shoes = new style for the new year? Hell yeah!

Have you been shopping this Thanksgiving? What’s your best buy?

Literary Titbits

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in touch with my literary soul and I haven’t been the least bit guilty about it. I think it is perfectly understandable given the fact that school is out and I feel like I need a well deserved break from devouring pages and pages of critical material on narrativity (this is all the more stressful because I have to teach this to inquisitive 17 year olds). The new school term brings lots of excitement and apprehension what with getting a new form class, teaching a new syllabus for lit and implementing my very own research module in (wait for it)……… literary geographies (okay, it’s not as geeky as it sounds). There’s many challenges ahead but I’m kind of putting that all aside and numbing myself with episodes after episodes of my new favourite series, Switched at Birth and New Girl.

Clearly that is becoming an unhealthy obsession so I decided that it’s time to get back in the swing of things and sort of ‘test the waters’ of literary-dom again. And that’s where this came in handy- 21 Scathingly Witty Insults by Famous People. Okay, admittedly the amount of literary merit in these quotable quotes is kind of dubious but hey, some are really funny. And I mean REALLY funny.

Check out the witty comeback… Burn!! Nothing like using someone else’s words against them.

And this is sadly true for some people. Sometimes you’ve got to tell them straight. The truth hurts.

I’m going to try to weave in this on into my everyday speech. Especially when I’m having conversations with Mark and he has Air Supply and Journey played on loop. Not that these artistes are bad by any means, though you’ve got to admit, they are really cheesy. Oh the number of tiffs we’ve had when we wrestle for power over the car’s radio.

If witty insults isn’t quite your thing, then perhaps this link would interest you more albeit it’s rather morbid… the last words of 25 famous dead writers…  Sometimes you wonder how people can be so poetic even when death is at their door. Either that or we read too much into it. I mean, “I’m dying… please bring me a toothpick” is hardly poetic in any shape or form (though in retrospect, it’s kind of funny).

Either way, hope these words inspire you to reach your literary potential! I’m off to do some work-related reading. Bummer.

Nothing should stop you.

“Tonight, I want you to forget all of your insecurities. I want you to reject anyone or anything that’s ever made you feel like you don’t belong, or you don’t fit in; or that you’re not pretty enough, or thin enough, or good enough, or can’t sing well enough, or write well enough, or make a song well enough, or play piano well enough, or dance well enough, or like you’ll never have a #1, or you’ll never win a Grammy, or you’ll never walk a runway, or fill an arena. You just remember that you’re a goddamn superstar, and you were born this way!”

Happy 2-Year Anniversary of The Monster Ball Tour

In her continuing mission to outlaw bullying, Mother Monster Lady Gaga has launched her own charity, aptly named Born This Way.  Started with her mother, the foundation aims to inspire & encourage bravery, love, and acceptance in those young and old, set to launch in 2012.

“My mother and I have initiated a passion project. We call it the Born This Way Foundation. Together we hope to establish a standard of Bravery and Kindness, as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonment.”

source: fashionindie

Why shopping in SG just got more interesting.

I have been a happy happy camper because I just found out that Lush opens its stores in Singapore! At long last! I no longer need to ship my soaps from Lush UK and US or have to buy huge chunks of soap back whenever I go to Hong Kong! Plus, I can try out new products like Massage Bars and the Fresh Face Masks that I couldn’t order online before because it would have melted/gone bad.

Apparently, there was a Lush outlet in Singapore a long long time ago but somehow or another, the homemade soap craze just didn’t catch on and so it closed down. I’m glad the Lush folks decided that Singaporeans are now ready for some Lush lovin’ and now that it’s opening in Wisma Atria (I think it’s open already in fact, because it was supposed to open on Nov 11th) I can’t wait to make a list and pretty much go wild. The only issue is whether or not prices are much higher, but I would think it would be comparable cos shipping soaps is not exactly cheap either. In any case, I’m so so excited that Singapore’s shopping scene is welcoming Lush!

So many soaps, so little time.

Another awesome discovery I made while walking along City Link Mall (there’s another brand in ION) with Ruth was Aeropostale! It’s brand new store in Singapore and it looks all shiny, happy and new! Aeropostale is well known for their collegiate style of t-shirts, tanks, shorts and denim. I particularly like their henley t-shirts because it’s long (hate tops that ride up because the hem line is short) and they come in a wide variety of colours. Also, their pullovers are also very popular, I see these on college kids and on tourists traveling to colder countries because it’s so comfy and warm.

I used to buy it online whenever there was a huge clearance sale and now that it’s come to our shores, maybe online shopping won’t be much of a draw for me anymore though Ruth did think that prices in store was considerably more expensive even if you consider shipping costs. But then again, stuff online always gets sold out so if you are looking for a particular design in your size, chances are you’ll find them instores and now we are given that option to! Hurray!

Photo Credit:

I think I’ve mentioned before that shoe shopping in Singapore was frustrating for me because I’ve got rather large feet and even with shops like Charles and Keith and Mitju that are starting to offer larger sizes, the variety is somehow quite limited. That’s why I love buying shoes in the US. I remember the last time I went, I bought back 4 pairs of shoes from Payless because it was affordable, fashionable and comfortable!

Get this, I no longer have to travel to US to do that anymore because Payless is now at Suntec City! Following its American stores, it has categorized all its shoes according to sizes and they come from a variety of brands and styles. It’s really quite dizzying. I actually like this concept because all their stocks are up on the shelves for you to see so it’s pretty much self service. You grab a shoe you want, try it on and if you don’t like it, put it back. Else, take it to the cashier and make payment. Love the no-frills, fuss-free approach.

What other new shopping discoveries have you made in Singapore? Are you glad that these big brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Lush etc are coming to our shores?

Why I love New Girl, Jess.

Ruth and I have clearly expressed our love for Zooey Deschanel in previous posts but this girl crush has got to be at its peak now that she is starring as Jess in New Girl. She is quirky and funny without even trying. I actually think that she’s a natural and Jess as a character is actually more of a reflection of Zooey’s true self than we think she is.

Her exuberance and infectious personality makes me literally laugh out loud especially the Thanksgiving episode. Pairing Justin Long and Zooey together is just pure genius! They are like two peas in a pod and I really liked how they matched each other’s energy and could complete each other’s sentences in song. I hope Justin Long’s character (Paul) sticks around for abit. I kinda like how he gets under Nick’s skin.

But of course, the show’s also awesome because of the fashion! Jess gives a whole new meaning to school teacher chic! She’s got quite the bookish charm and appeal and I’m absolutely smitten. I want her whole wardrobe. Now.

 Twist on the pussy bow blouse (hopefully there’s a dupe on ASOS) and a cute polka dotted skirt in navy! And she has dreamy wavy hair to boot. *JEALOUS*

And here we see her changing up the look again. This time with a cosy little cardigan and a multi-print dress. The blue and red combi really works with the glasses and the updo. Seriously, the stylist (if she has a stylist) is just awesome possum.

Aaaaand in this picture, I think she totally stole the bride’s thunder. Hopefully this won’t happen at my wedding but look at the bouncy curls! She’s a complete stunner in that purple chiffon toga imo. (And just a sidetrack, is that Kina Grannis in the background? The one with the white rose in her hair?)

Whatever it is, Zooey looks fabulous. Sure, there is some inconsistencies in the plot that needs ironing out like, who in the right mind stays with guys that she got to know off the Internet?! and Coach’s replacement with Winston. I still don’t get Winston’s appeal to be honest. I much preferred Coach. I only sorta ‘get’ Nick’s ‘purpose’ in the show so far. Schmidt’s kind of annoying with his i’m-a-wannabe-player antics though he was mad funny in Thanksgiving so here’s hoping he gets better.

All in all, I think some gelling within the cast is needed but hey, these things take time. Friends and How I Met Your Mother wasn’t fantastic right off the bat either so here’s hoping that with time, New Girl will be a keeper! (And not suffer the same fate as some sitcoms like Dharma and Greg and Melissa and Joey… sorry but I didn’t think these shows were particularly great and/or memorable.)

A Dose of Black Humour

Work is pretty much killing me (as you can tell from the awful absence of my posts) so I’ll be indulging in a little black humour this tumblr tuesday.

Some classify black humour as dark, morbid humour, but i think of it as the-world-is-screwed-anyway-so-let’s-f***-it kinda humour.

no point wasting your life when it’s not gonna get any better, right?

one of my favourites is the webcomic cyanide happiness. awesome stuff.

sigh if only i could delete the tons of papers on my desk

sorry for the depressing post, but once in awhile, everyone gets gloomy.

and speaking of gloomy… Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring 2012 RTW looks anything but Spring. (didn’t we all have this perception that spring is all about singing birds and great weather and a burst of colour?)

i do enjoy her use of mesh though.

i feel like drowning myself in endless swathes of black fabric and freaking people out so that no one will make my life difficult anymore. MUAHAHHAHA.

Optimism died somewhat last week.

I will revive it, when I myself am revived from this dark, murky mood.

til then, have a great week!

Fashion DIY

What never fails to amaze me as I go around blog surfing is how creative some people are. I saw some crazy creative fashion DIY projects recently and I just had to share it here.

Who wants boring brown boots when you can have this gorgeous pair of glitter back boots! It is so visually stunning and it looks pretty expensive too if you buy it in stores.

This is a project undertaken by the ladies at Le Fanciulle  and they have featured step by step instructions to glam up your boots! You can check out the full list of instructions here.

If glitter is too messy for you, then perhaps this would be an easier project! Been lemming for the Tory Burch Eddie Bow Flats? Well, now you can get it at a fraction of a price.

Grace from Stripes and Sequins has a simple DIY that involves a pair of plain ballet flats, a bow, 2 fasteners and some glue! That’s all you need!

And the results are simply uncanny! A pretty good dupe if you ask me. If you want it to look even more alike, then hunt down a blinged out bow!

The last DIY I have to showcase is for a braided necklace. I’m sure you’ve seen many of these in shops and how it’s always super expensive because it’s marketed as something “vintage”. I’m pretty sure I saw something like that in The Island Shop before and really, after seeing this quick DIY tutorial, you won’t ever be suckered into buying expensive beaded accessories again!

It is so easy to do that you don’t even need instructions! For more such awesome Fashion DIYs, check out More Design Please. I love their numbered rings and they have other cool DIYs for decorating around the house! Really tres chic!

Inspired by the DIY fashion featured here? Share your thoughts with us!

Plaid Flannel Shirts

Now that Fall/Winter is here, it’s time to whip out the flannel shirts because it is effortlessly chic yet casual, warm with that rustic feel and of course, very layer-able. Flannel is made from carded wool which means that wool fibres are split up and spread evenly out so while it looks thin, it’s really toasty and warm.

Are plaid and flannel the same thing? Technically, no. Plaid is a print or a design that came from Scotland while flannel is a type of fabric but to be honest, I’ve never seen a non-plaid flannel shirt in my life. The two have become so synonymous with one another so it’s perfectly understandable for one to think that they are one and the same.

While the ‘lumberjack’ look was famous in the past, where people would pair plaid flannel shirts with dungarees, jeans and heavy camel boots, modern adaptations have transformed the use of plaid flannel shirts to create a more ‘grunge-y’ or ‘hipster-ish’ look. I think we can all agree that whatever our personal style is, we all appreciate the comfort and flexibility that plaid flannel shirts have and this should definitely be a staple in the wardrobe.

Here’s some awesome looks put together by some fashion forward bloggers…

Print on print and of course that surprisingly soft, fluid and feminine dress underneath is quite the stunner.

This is personally how I would wear it. With a tailored pair of capris, a belt and wide rimmed glasses!

I love the laid back feel of the layering and how there are some ‘tough’ masculine elements thrown in like the jacket, the boots and denim.

Who says you can’t rock out plaid with a skirt? I like this edgy interpretation. The dark burgundy messenger bag, the wide brimmed hat, the weathered jacket (which is my favourite piece in this frame) and of course the shades. I think one lesson learnt here is to work with the same colour family.

How would you wear plaid flannel shirts?

Dream and Reality- Musee d’Orsay in Singapore

So I went to the National Museum on Sunday to check out the Dream and Reality exhibition to catch some of the works from the Musee d’Orsay and it was quite a breathtaking experience. I mean, just standing inches away from some of these iconic works like Cezanne’s Card Players or even Cabanel’s Birth of Venus was just amazing. I could scrutinize every tiny stroke of the brush and even little cracks of the paint from years of wear and tear. Here are some of the paintings that I really liked.

Before we stepped into the exhibition, we purchased an imagineering aid ($3) that narrates the story behind each painting. We just had to select the appropriate number and it provides you with enough background and insight and I think that made the experience even richer. For example, this painting of the Card Players is but one of a whole series on works that Cezanne did and he was most interested in depicting the architectural aspect of painting and focused mainly on strong lines and planes as well as simple forms. This could explain why the two cardplayers are so angular and square and how their bodies fill up the frame of the picture.

Another painting that I found so beautiful was Cabanel’s Birth of Venus. Nudes were very popular at the time and who else possessed greater beauty than that of Venus? So Cabanel sought to paint a realistic picture of the gorgeous Venus who was birthed in the waves with cherubs blowing on conch shells to welcome her arrival. Her half open eyes also suggest a kind of sensuality as well as the deliberate twist of her body that escentuates her curves and ample bust. If you look closely, every little detail is painted so accurately- her fingernails, each strand of hair. Truly life-like.


Yet another interesting painting for me was this portrait of Georges Clemenceau painted by Manet. Georges Clemenceau is a prominent statesman was served as the Prime Minister of France and was also known as ‘Le Tigre’ for being such an influential wartime leader. He looks imposing here what with Manet using his bold lines and muted colour palettes of grey and black. Definitely one of the more memorable personal portraits for me given its historical significance. And of course, another fun fact to note is that Clemenceau Avenue is named after him! (Apparently he has good relations with Singapore)

Last but not least, another art piece that deserves honorable mention is Monet’s Camille on her Deathbed. I know I should talk alittle about Van Gogh and Gaugain but their pieces while aesthetically pleasing did not have so much of an emotional impact on me. I felt that this particular Monet painting had alot of heart. I mean, this is Monet’s last painting of his wife before she died! Talk about sentimentality! But what I really loved about this is how it allows for different interpretations. Up close, it looks like a face amidst a winter storm. But from far, you can see an ailing woman in bed. It was quite amazing seeing it in person. Definitely one of my favourite art pieces in the whole exhibition!

Itching to immerse yourself in some art and culture? I highly recommend the Musee d’Orsay exhibition especially since it is free for all students (just show them your student pass) and only $11 for adults (I think HSBC has a discount) Well worth it imo.

Acuvue DEFINE Vivid Style

Recently, I went to the optician to purchase my contacts cos I had run out and I decided to ask for samples for the new 1 Day Acuvue DEFINE cos I’ve heard so much about how comfortable and reliable this brand of coloured contacts are (it provides 97% UV-B and 82% UV-A protection!)

I’m already a 1 Day Acuvue Moist user and I’ve always been wary about changing brands even though the lure to try coloured contacts has always been intriguing. I’m so glad that Johnson & Johnson has finally created its own range of coloured contacts.

There are three types: Vivid Style, Accent Style and Natural Shine. My optician gave me a pair of Vivid Style to try and I think it’s probably the best fit because its primarily a dark brown tint so it gives my eyes that natural look though the bright glitter bits in Natural Shine also sounds super cool. You can read more about the various differences between the three types of lenses here.

This is what it looks like in its packaging…

And here’s what it looks like when I put it on. I have it in my right eye. I didn’t have any contacts in my left eye. Just so there’s some kind of comparison.

But as you can see, it’s a rather subtle difference. Perhaps a small enlargement of my pupil and a more defined outline of it else my eye colour is the same (but that’s probably cos my eyes are brown to start off with) and no one really noticed the difference until I actually pointed it out.

What was truly difference was my overall look once I put both sides on. It’s like I have big doe eyes all of a sudden. It’s kind of strange. Somehow the contacts softened my look, made my eyes look bigger (maybe cos the circumference of the lens is wider) and made me more Anime-like.

As opposed to my other photos where my eyes looks smaller even with makeup…

It’s creepy yet amazing all at the same time! Am I sold? Completely. But given the price, I probably won’t be wearing it everyday. It’s more of a special occasion thing. But it sure will be fun to dress up and play with makeup to find something that will bring the big doe-eye look to full effect!

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