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Baking blogs make me hungry.

I’m probably torturing myself looking through tumblr blogs on yummy food just before lunch but seriously, some of these are just drool-worthy. I have a sweet tooth so most of my cravings are for anything chocolatey, creamy (fresh cream is THE best), cake-ish in texture and occasionally, pastries like apple strudel and the like. This one is in honour of Ruth and her nutella obsession…

I saw this and had some serious craving for cinnamon rolls… thank you very much How Sweet It Is. Anyone know where I can find good cinnamon rolls in Singapore aside from Macdonalds (which doesn’t quite hit the spot)?

And it’s only just this year that I tried red velvet cake and I really love it. The cream cheese gets me everytime and Sprinkle Bakes decorated it so nicely! Doesn’t the red stand out against the white and black?

And if a whole slice of cake is alittle bit much, then perhaps this little bite-size biscuit will do. Helps that it is so cutely decorated to look like the Instagram icon. Kudos bakerella.

And if you are a baking noob like me, then 17 and baking is a wonderful blog that has relatively simple recipes but it is sure to guarantee maximum satisfaction like this pretzel peanut butter combination. Genius!

And speaking of fusion foods, I’ve seen an oreo and a choc chip cookie, but never one that combines both together. Bizarre? Abit of an overkill? Perhaps but wouldn’t you love to sink your teeth in one just to try?

Ahhh the temptation…

TV is back!!

With Ruth flying away to the Land of the Rising Sun, I have little to keep me occupied aside from TV shows. And I am so glad that September’s here and all my shows are back!

And it all started with a Big Bang…

Season 5 continues from where we left off with Penny leaving Leonard’s apartment exclaiming “It’s not what you think” and Raj looking rather sheepish while everyone looks on with quizzical looks on their faces. Of course Sheldon still has an uncanny way of breaking uncomfortable silences but really, with Priya back in India and Penny staying just next door to Leonard, I’m pretty sure that season 5 will see a reconciliation of Penny and Leonard! Although latest rumours see Leonard hanging out around Amy… will that get Sheldon jealous?


While the first two episodes weren’t that funny imo (second episode was plain gross. I’m scared of sofa seats now and Sheldon’s constant knocking on Penny’s door was alittle excessive in that episode), I’m confident that it’ll get better. They just need to get their swing back. A pairing that I would love to see? Penny and Sheldon! I mean, if opposites attract, then these two are it! I can imagine Penny singing “Soft Kitty” to Sheldon and tucking him into bed already! *excited*


With Robin realising that she still has a little something for Barney and Barney going absolutely gaga over Nora, how will this work itself out? Will Barney ever want to give Robin and chance and start again? I sure hope so! I’m not liking honest “I’m a new man” Barney. Bring back the suave ladies man!

 Now that Ted’s met Victoria AGAIN, after being the absolute jerk he was before, will she want to start over? And Lily and Marshall are starting a family hurray! How will this change the dynamics of the group? Can’t wait to find out this season!

Gossip Girl

Ok, admittedly GOssip Girl has a weak plot. I mean, fake cousins, engagement entanglement, backstabbing and thievery? So melodramatic. But writers are going to try to normalise things in the Upper East Side with Serena finding a proper job as a PA and actually doing pretty decent! But then she meets Charlie/Ivy. How is that going to pan out?

And of course, Blair is preggies. Is it the Prince’s or Chuck’s? Will that derail the engagement? And what’s Dan going to do when he finds out? Is he willing to be a baby’s daddy for a second time? Then there’s Vanessa and the whole drama of publishing Dan’s novel exposing secrets of the Upper East Side. That’s gotta be interesting and lastly, there’s Liz Hurley’s character who is cleverly manipulating Nate. Sounds crappy and weak but I’m unabashed when I say, hello guilty pleasure.


It’s the final year for everyone except Artie and Tina and they’ve got alot to prove. With Blaine on board, will this give New Directions an edge or will this mean complete utter destruction? In other news, Quinn has gone all bad ass and she and Lauren have left New Directions? Will they come back or join Shelby’s new club? And where will Glee Project’s Damian and Samuel fit in? Can’t wait for episode 4 to see Damian’s debut!

The Amazing Race (S19)

I cannot believe that TAR has been around for such a long time! This latest season, we see Survivor couple Ethan and Jenna try their luck at winning yet another million dollars. How will the contestants react to that? There was no lack of drama in the first episode with twins getting stuck at the Confucian roadblock, unable to memorise and recall a phrase and Kaylani and Lisa got majorly delayed cos of a lost passport (Yikes!) but elderly couple, Bill and Cathy came in last after spending more than 4 hours searching for a clue and were the last to arrive.

However, in a new spin to things, no one got eliminated. Instead, two teams will get the boot in the next leg of the race! That’s soooo exciting! I can’t wait!

Cozy up this autumn

I’ve been looking through refinery 29  one of my favourite fashion sites in hopes that I’ll find some kind of inspiration for autumn/winter wear since I’m Europe-bound in december. And they gave some really nice tips on how to dress up a cozy sweater!

Tip #1: Pair a slouchy off shoulder sweater with leggings or 120 denier tights (I prefer opaque tights but sheer ones work too) and a sequined mini.  And of course don’t forget your booties and leather fringe bag!

Tip #2: If it’s too cold, then perhaps it’s time to wear pants. Form fitting pants in brights seem to be all the rage but I personally would want one in kelly green, mustard or maroon-ish red. Also, don’t forget to layer on a coat!

Tip #3: And if you are one to lose scarves like me, then perhaps an in-tent would be a good idea. It acts as a turtle-neck and yet it is roomy enough to actually have many layers underneath! The model is wearing this with wide leg pants but I think it’ll look edgier with leather leggings.

You can find the other looks on Refinery 29. Happy browsing!

Keep Calm and Persevere On!

Carol & I have had a pretty tough time lately, with work stresses & all. So i thought it was time to get some motivation this week.

Most times, it’s not just what’s happening around you, or the pressures on you. It’s about being able to pick yourself up, rejuvenate & motivate yourself once more.

When the shit starts to fly, being able to handle it, or being unable to – isn’t really the issue. It’s about being able to clean the slate & convince yourself it’s worth yet another try, one more time.

Not a very delicate quote, but it does the job.

In the hectic rush of it all, it’s easy to forget your dreams and who you’ve always wanted to be.

Stop Thinking about it, start doing! :D

& if you’re short on goals, or feel like they’re unattainable, go for being the best that you can be.

so have a great week ahead! :)

Jaeger London Spring 2012 RTW

Looking at the Spring 2012 has got me pretty excited, especially since it seems like the designers are moving in all sorts of directions at the moment instead of focusing their designs around one trend etc.

Cut-outs aren’t exactly new, but I love how designer Stuart Stockhart adapts the idea in different ways in each outfit. I’m particularly in love with the cardigan! Though it would totally be impractical haha.

I do love the play with cut-outs though, the teasing glimpse of skin, or a pretty contrast of colours – it’s really quite perfect when it comes to layering. Come to think of it, a cardigan made completely out of cut outs would be so easy to layer with, even in our hot tropical weather – so it’s not all that impractical after all!! (lol the justifications girls make for lustworthy pieces of clothing…)

With blazers being the “in” thing at the moment, these huge scalloped collars fascinate me. I’d love to try on any of these. Much better than the overbling-ed Balmain military jackets imho. That said, it’s really about being able to find a balance between a huge collar and the extent of the collar’s curvature. My favourite is the one on the far left. I just love the whole “navy” feel to it! I’ll definitely be looking out for such bold and curvy collars :D

Quirkychic will be a tad quiet this week as I jetset off to Tokyo! Til then, the lovely Caroline will keep you entertained :)

Norwegian Wood

The rain is falling and the sky is gloomy and it just felt like the right time to do a review of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. I took almost a month to read this novel. Not because it was by any means difficult to read but because alot of things got in the way so every night I would read little by little hoping to finish it but I guess it’s because I didn’t read it in one shot, but really savored each chapter that I grew to love the language and how poetic his expressions were.

I had learned one thing from Kizuki’s death, and I believed that I had made it a part of myself in the form of a philosophy: “Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of life.”
By living our lives, we nurture death. True as this might be, it was only one of the truths we had to learn. What I learned from Naoko’s death was this: no truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness can cure that sorrow. All we can do is see it through to the end and learn something from it, but what we learn will be no help in facing the next sorrow that comes to us without warning.

He leaves such nice thoughtful almost philosophical anecdotes about love and life that really ring true today though probably (and hopefully) not on such a melancholic, fatalistic level as what Naoko and Toru experienced. But I think what really did draw me into the novel was how even nonchalant characters like Nagasawa have such powerful lines.

“It’s not that I don’t believe in contemporary literature, but I don’t want to waste valuable time reading any book that has not had the baptism of time. Life is too short.”

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that.”

Yes he is a bastard but what an eloquent bastard.

Though admittedly, I can’t stand Naoko. I know she is supposed to be a sick troubled child but she frustrates me. It is amazing how Toru and Reiko are so patient with her! She is almost as mysterious as Melanie in Coetzee’s Disgrace. I mean, you can’t tell if she wants sex with Toru or not and I don’t like the fact that she is stringing him along. Not to mention that she cries an awful lot. Midori is so much more likable even though her random requests to get Toru to think of her while masturbating and her delight in watching S&M movies are really quite weird. But hey, at least she is a sweet and funny oddball.

I also can’t wrap my head about Toru especially towards the end when he hasn’t slept with a girl in months cos he’s “saving himself” for Naoko and eventually he realises that he loves Midori upon Naoko’s death, shouldn’t he pursue Midori wholeheartedly instead of having sex with Reiko four times? That to me was a David Lurie moment and I don’t know what Murakami’s intentions are but at that point, I felt that Toru was way more messed up than I thought he was and it seems that his life isn’t going to get any simpler even with Naoko gone.

Or perhaps I’m just reading too much into things and that guys fundamentally just need to fulfill their sexual desires and can conveniently separate love from sex (I swear, I’ve been marking too many scripts on Disgrace that it is really filtering into my interpretation of Norwegian Wood!)

But in short, a messed up story about broken people. Lots of sex. Lots of suicides. Mildly depressing but very poetic and ultimately it showcases Murakami’s brilliance as a storyteller.


Have you seen the ads for google Chrome lately? I love the concepts!

Granted, Gaga looks a tad more manly than her usual videos here..

omg so touched by this one!! my  absolute favourite, although it abuses the “Aww” factor of the masses. Enjoy the weekend!! :)

Johnny English Reborn

And so after much misadventure, I finally managed to watch Johnny English: Reborn and it was a blast! This is one sequel that I think is more enjoyable than the original and Rotten Tomatoes seem to agree giving this movie a 50% fresh rating. And really, alot of why this film is awesome is cos Rowan Atkinson doesn’t even need to try to be funny. He just is.

So the story goes like this. It’s been five years since Johnny English was sacked from the His Majesty’s secret service (MI7) but he is called from his hiding place in Tibet to serve a mission- stop a secret assassin group called Vortex from killing off the Chinese Premier. They had already been successful once in Mozambique and that cost Johnny his job so this time, he’s back to redeem himself and to prove that he can be a top secret agent.

Of course along the way he shows off his newly acquired karate skills and smarts but that doesn’t seem to help when he lacks basic common sense. I loved the scene in the plane where a man wearing a steward’s uniform has a name tag “Susan” and it’s really because he knocked a woman out and took over her identity. Our dear Johnny believes that it is a chinese name “Su-Shan” and as a result, evidence gets stolen. Yes, this and more wisecrack antics are featured in this 102min film.

Thankfully it’s not as annoyingly stupid like Dude Where’s My Car where I get super exasperated and impatient within the first ten minutes. The jokes are actually clever and who can expect any less from the dude who friggin’ invented Mr Bean? It takes a genius to make people love without utterly a single word. So if you are looking for a good laugh, for some downtime to chill out and forget your worries, this movie is definitely good for the soul.

The Hossan Leong Show

I haven’t been to see a comedy act in a long time so I was really looking forward to The Hossan Leong Show for some good ol’ laughs and it didn’t disappoint. It started off with three actors- Chua Enlai, Judee Tan, and Siti Khalijah acting as elderly people who claim to have looked after Hossan and contributed to his success and of course there was a little song and dance number before the man of the moment showed up with flashing lights and much aplomb.

He then started off with his set, telling us jokes ranging from the GE to Tiger moms and how asian women can recall every single mundane detail in a conversation and proceed to re-enact it to their friends. Then there was an Iron Chef segment featuring all the cast including DJ Shigeki as the chairman. It was probably my least favourite bit of the night mainly because the jokes were overused and well, I think I’m kinda over racial stereotypes and self-deprecating humour. And I didn’t really fancy the songs. The lyrics weren’t as fantastic as the ditties sung by The Dim Sum Dollies.

Thankfully things started to pick up. I loved the Haunted Ghost segment mainly because Judee Tan was so hilarious as the chinese medium. It’s a combination of her mannerisms, pronunciation… everything was perfect and at some points, I really felt that she stole the show. Especially when she impersonated Tin Pei Ling. That was da bomb! I can still picture her perfect pronunciation of the words “residents and voters” complete with exaggerated hand actions. She was simply sublime.

I also rather enjoyed the So You Think You Can Tahan segment and I can’t believe they gave away an electric bicycle. And the person who won was from MY ROW. How cool was that? Of course there was alot of cool giveaways from their friendly sponsors Pearly White and some other cleaning brand that I can’t remember (oops…) as well as a tea for two voucher at The St Regis!

But I think what I really did love about the show was Hossan himself. I always listen to him on Gold 90 FM and it’s kinda nice to see him in person doing his thing and he really is versatile! One moment he can act as a Yogi, then he morphs into a char kway teow hawker and then a peranakan woman (I didn’t think his Filipino accent was that fantastic. I think Michelle Chong does it better) but still, this guy can act. No doubt about it.

And I love how the jokes are so rooted in the Singaporean context! You definitely have to be Singaporean to get the little digs and references here and there and I think that’s why I really love and support homegrown productions. It’s turning all our complains and angst and channeling it into this creative outlet and the end product is just fantastic. It’s nice to be able to come together as one audience to laugh about common issues that we face every single day of our lives.

And given the rousing success of Cooling Off Day that is really, one of my favourite plays this year, I’m going to give When Tan Meets Tan a go and see if this matches up.

The Hossan Leong Show has been extended so it ends on the 23rd of Sept! So if you are interested, better book tickets soon!  

Animal Crazed

I’ve been on a little bit of an animal craze this weekend – enjoy the videos!

I wanna have a degree in BEARS! gosh she’s so cuddly and cute. but the alligator is kinda *eew*

Jumping Dogs. ridiculously cute.

sometimes i feel so deprived coz I don’t have a cute cat :(

p.s. carol: can you do this to rusky/misty?

but of course, the bf’s first choice would be the Golden Retriever.

and well, this last one isn’t about animals at all, but it’s pretty ingenious. a Mancave! all shopping centres should have one, hahaha.

Have a great week ahead!

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