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A Wonderfully Short Week!

With the Presidential Elections & Hari Raya, it’s been a wonderfully short week! I’m absolutely luxuriating in all the rare leisure time I get to enjoy & unlike most of my other work weeks, I actually feel quite refreshed & energetic! Most weekends just aren’t long enough. *sigh*

& lucky me, this weekend was even more awesome, thanks to some $$ from MBS, whoohoo!

& this mind you, is pure winnings. I actually won $443 in total (but got greedy so gambled the $43 away) and minus the entrance fee, I came out $300 richer! YEAH! But first, a disclaimer:

I am by no means advocating gambling as a get-rich-quick method or a wise way to “invest” your money. I just happened to be lucky.

That said, I was also a pretty stingy gambler, which is why, I THINK, I got out pretty unscathed. I went in only with $200 ($100 for entrance fee, $100 to play) & I only played the 1cent – 5 cent machines. I only tried the 10 cent machines once! Plus, since i’m wasn’t too keen on the card games, I just played the bright shiny flashing machines that made me happy. HAHA gawd i sound like such a bimbo but hey, I’m the girl who made money! lol. The bf who played the cards lost, but in the end I *subsidised* him and everything ended well :)

Sad to say though, we really and truly felt like foreigners in the Casino – in our home country! It’s really worse than public transport, mostly because there’s no entrance fee for foreigners AND there’s a constant flow of free drinks. I got quite peeved when they kept swarming the drinks cart… & everytime I eventually got to approach the nice service staff, they would tell me that they had run out of milo, or coffee or tea :(

Well, with my new found wealth, I decided to treat myself! We headed for a post-dinner treat at TWG tea, which wasn’t as fantastic as I’ve heard it to be – we had their savoury crepe with a scoop of ice cream. The ice cream was really unique and fantabulous, but the crepe can’t beat those from Canele.

& I got new make up!

[left] Sephora Blush [right] Sephora Mattifying Foundation

The minute I saw this blush, I immediately fell in love with it. It wasn’t as shiny or as bright as Benefit’s Bimba Lola, nor as matte as the Bodyshop blusher I’ve had for the longest time. That said, it’s a pretty sheer colour & one definitely needs to put on more than a few swipes before the colour looks more noticeable. At $23, it’s pricier than drugstore brands but for such a pretty colour, I don’t regret it!

The Mattifying Foundation isn’t really that mattifying – then again, we’re talking about my insanely oily skin here. *sigh*. It’s no better than most drugstore brands but it does feel really light and gives good coverage. Most importantly, unlike most compact foundations, it doesn’t look too chalky or powdery after application, plus it doesn’t dry out my skin. So for $27, it’s not bad but I’m unsure if I’ll purchase this again.

Here’s the description from the Sephora website

Smooth and feather light, our pressed powder foundation glides over the skin and leaves your complexion looking like sheer perfection. This unique formulation includes Nylon 12, for excellent adherence and long wear. Plus it may be applied wet or dry, depending on the coverage you desire. Try applying over liquid foundation in place of powder for a poreless, porcelain finish.

Anyway, since we had yet another public holiday this week, the bf and I decided to head for our favourite chill-out activity: Prawning! This time, instead of going to our usual haunt (Bishan) we decided to check out the new place over at Punggol, since that’s where his new house will be in time to come :)

Although it’s under the same management as the prawning place at bishan, Punggol’s pond has the unique distinction of having 3 types: fishing, crabbing & prawning – with two different types of prawns too! (fresh water and sea water). I was amazed and pretty freaked out at the size of the fish. They were a good 30cm long each, some of the larger ones probably spanned 45cm or more!

It’s a very poor picture of the fishes, I know! But believe me, they were huge. The prices also differ accordingly. For prawning/crabbing, it’s the normal graduated rate as follows:

  • 1st hour: $15
  • 2 hours: $25
  • 3 hours: $30

So we always get the 3 hour package, it just makes more sense! Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky this time round and didn’t catch as many prawns *sigh* We DID see some one catch a crab though! However, because the fish were so big, no one dared to give it a shot, much to my disappointment. I would’ve loved to see someone try! It costs $5 / line to catch a fish (i.e. if your line breaks you gotta get a new one, but if you skillfully snag all the fish in the pond with just one line, it’ll cost you only $5)

Yep! so all in all, a great weekend + public holiday :D

just three more days til the next weekend! whee!!

Movie Picks: Holes, Untraceable and Moon

Mark and I had a really lazy weekend mainly because the Presidential Elections results came so late (or rather, early the next morning) that we had a massive sleep debt to clear. As a result, Sunday was spent watching DVDs and calling for Macs Delivery. Mark picked the DVDs this time and we rented Moon, Holes and Untraceable.

Okay, I’ll start off with Moon. Moon is a movie directed by Duncan Jones, the director of Source Code which I blogged about before. An interesting fun fact about Duncan Jones is that he is the son of David Bowie! Who knew!

In any case, the movie has a sci-fi feel to it, much like Source Code. I guess that must be Duncan Jones’s trademark. The story’s pretty simple. Astronaut Sam Bell has been sent to the moon to harvest energy and to ship it back to Earth. He’s on a three-year contract that is almost up so in two weeks time he’ll be able to head back to earth to see his wife and child. But as it turns out, he gets into an accident on duty and when he recovers in the infirmary, he sees someone who looks JUST like him…

I won’t say much more other than the fact that it might seem rather slow moving and uneventful but I really enjoyed this movie. It’s been awhile since I saw a film that was quite so intriguing. It’s like sci-fi meets art house flick in some strange way. Sam Rockwell was spectacular. He’s a one-man cast aside from Gerty the computer (voiced by Kevin Spacey) and he pretty much embodies paranoia, despair, tension… It’s just a whole lot of things packed into a movie and at the end of it, I just felt… ambivalent. It was SO awesome.

But if Moon isn’t quite your cup of tea, then maybe Untraceable will do it for you.

Untraceable is a psychotic thriller. Can’t say that the plot’s super original. It’s basically a cat chase mouse story where you have this crazed lunatic who orchestrates murders online and Dianne Lane stars as the cyber detective genius who is tasked to catch him and shut the site down.

It’s a pretty eerie movie, not so much the graphics (okay, some bits were bad) but the very thought that this site that was built by the bad guy actually harnesses the number of viewers that he gets. The more viewers, the faster his victims die. It’s kinda chilling, the thought that curious people, mere bystanders have a part to play in the murder. It’s the whole idea of ‘the spectacle’ and of course, issues of media and its pervasiveness.

Very relevant to our day and age and it has quite a powerful message. Makes me very wary of viruses, cyber-bullies and all that nasty stuff. Not a good movie to watch before bedtime.

And so, thankfully, we ended off the movie marathon with Holes. A Disney movie that garnered 72% on Rotten Tomatoes. I have never even heard of the movie before actually. It was all thanks to my trusty DVD guy that highly recommended it and I looked at the cast: Sigourney Weaver and a really young Shia LeBeouf and I thought, why not?

It’s a cool movie, it’s kind of like Shawshank Redemption but a kid’s version. I liked it because of the interweaving of myths and other stories which really made it super interesting. It starts out really, with this boy named Stanley and how he’s been struck with a curse of being insanely unlucky cos his great great grandpa forgot to carry a witch up a mountain. Anyhow, he gets accused of stealing and gets sent to a boys camp to dig holes to “build character” but in actual fact, the whole facility is a sham. It is making use of boys to dig holes in search of treasure. Of course there are other subplots along the way but really, this is a real Disney Movie with substance. None of that Lizzie Maguire, Miley Cyrus nonsense that we’ve seen in recent years.

So if you are looking for wholesome family entertainment with a feel-good ending, then this is it! A true movie about friendship, overcoming odds and of course, the whimsical mystical element is there too.

What movies have you been watching lately?

Some Classy Bling

Lately, I’ve really been into jewellery – especially pieces that are unique yet simple. Pieces that tell a story or reflect a facet of one’s character without being too loud or garish, particularly since the cliche swirls and heart shapes are beginning to bore me. Aurelie Bidermann’s gold 2011 collection caught my eye whilst I was browsing around for inspiration, & I haven’t been able to stop thinking about several of her pieces ever since.

The thing I like most about her pieces is the concept behind each piece. The basic design behind each piece isn’t mind staggering (hoop earrings and a bangle would be anyone’s fashion staple), but it’s more of the details in it. I think the little apple that’s almost hidden by the branches of the bangle is fascinating.

Unfortunately, with my financial limitations, it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be strutting off to the high street to purchase some bling, so I looked at more affordable pastures, like Etsy!

I really fell in love with this dimensional pieces by Beth Milliner . I love how she uses different techniques on silver, to create this multi-dimensional look on a locket.

Ah, if only our local jewellery stores could make jewellery look so personalized & cute, instead of the endless repetitions of swirls in all sorts of directions.

Kustom Kitsch Jewellery is not as pricey, but definitely makes a statement with its interesting, eye catching pieces. I think my boyfriend would be amused if I wore this:

I have to say, it’s definitely for those who’re into sci-fi! XP

& speaking of attention to detail, it’s amazing how gorgeous some pieces can be – one can tell in a glance how much work has been put into these pieces. With my childhood spent in mesmerization of tales of dragons and fairies, I couldn’t take my eyes off the pieces from Mystic Swan. I so want the dragon! haha but it wouldn’t really be wearable on a daily basis so I guess I’ll have to nip that idea in the bud.

Anyone reading this post would think that my taste in jewellery is pretty weird. but hey, I got distracted, okay? What I’m looking for needs to fit in the following criteria:

  1. isn’t too heavy
  2. isn’t too loud/garish
  3. easily matched with any outfit
So with that in mind, I landed upon these pretty pendants by  The Rave ‘N’ Iron – rock & roll sounding name beside, there’s a huge variety of simple pieces, the only downside being that they only seem to sell in bulk
If i bought them all i could switch them up with my outfits! hahahaha. That however, is probably one of the worst excuses/justifications one could have when it comes to blowing alot of money.
I think my heart stopped for a minute when I saw this piece. it’s the bridal piece of my dreams! *gush gush*
& with the bracelet to match, it’s a perfect set. From Trink Jewellery. I just wish the pictures were slightly clearer though!

So my sad, resigned conclusion? I won’t be getting classy bling anytime soon. but perhaps in the far away future, when I can afford things that aren’t cliched swirly lines of silver. til then!

Resist Temptation!

Today my dad dragged me to the Uniqlo at Vivocity and strongly encouraged me to buy an Oxford shirt because he believes that all girls should have one. And while I thought that it was such a random and weird thing to do right after voting for the Presidential Elections, I did as I was told. So we went down and headed straight for the Oxford shirts and surprisingly, for $34.90, it’s really quite nice! I bought one from H&M for $16 in Hong Kong earlier this year but found that the collar became too rumpled too easily mainly because the fabric wasn’t stiff enough. The Uniqlo version has a nice starched collared but the rest of the shirt is cotton-y and breathable. So yes, I heeded Daddy’s advice and got two: one in stripes, one is solid colour.

 Come to think of it, it is a worthy investment. Works great with denim, white and khaki pants, shorts, berms… you could roll up the sleeves and make it less formal, use it to layer over a plain tank top, wear it with a vest… Hmm. Very pleased with my buy. Trust my Dad to give solid fashion advice.

There was actually this period of time (last month actually) where I was totally put off by shopping. Physical shopping made me weary and online shopping felt too overwhelming. I seriously think it was the work fatigue talking but now that things are easing up and with the September hols within reach, the shopping bug is back with a vengeance! I am SO tempted to shop! Let’s talk about shoes first.

I was at Tangs earlier today and saw this pair of Naturalizer shoes that have been there for months (I know cos I’ve been eyeing them) and I felt so strongly that I NEEDED them cos they felt so comfy and soft (and at that time I had really uncomfortable shoes on so that may have contributed to the irrationality) but mum gave me ‘the look’ so I reluctantly let them go.

I know they don’t look like anything much but they were in this pretty mint green shade, not this boring black and bronze. I’m gonna check them out properly on monday without mum’s eagle eye on me. Please let there still be sizes left!

And of course, I went into Timberland as well (Vivo is an evil evil place) to check on my boots and to see if the prices changed but no. It is still $179. Sigh. Isn’t Hari Raya coming? Why isn’t there a Raya sale??

 And the temptation didn’t stop there cos I saw this and was totally convinced that it would match my Oxford shirts for that ultimate preppy look. It was this mad crazy outflowing of material lust. But yes, I practiced self-control and left Timberland empty-handed. For now.

And like I said, that was just for shoes. The day before, Claudia texted me to say she was ordering from Modcloth and asked if I wanted anything and well, let’s just say it’s Modcloth. So I ended up buying this pretty pretty dress :) The damage could have been alot worse… check out my cart.

but yes, I have to live within my means so this is my splurge of the month. Tada!

Modcloth is really way too expensive. I shall pray that these items go on sale. Meanwhile, ASOS added new stuff to the clearance section! I love shopping at ASOS cos they have the catwalk function that allows you to see how the clothes really look on a model. You can even see how the fabric moves! That plus free shipping worldwide just seals the deal.

Awesome deals under 30 pounds

So what has caught your eye lately? Share your fashion finds with us!

Wedding Outfits

Ruth and I are attending a friend’s wedding next saturday and both of us haven’t found an outfit yet! But that being said, we’ve both been hardworking and trawling sites to look for inspiration. I particularly like Glamour and Marie Claire because they show you a wide variety of dresses (Glamour shows you 100!) and they teach you how to match it with accessories and stuff. Here are some of my favourite looks.

The general rule for weddings are really, no white cos the bride is the focal point and you don’t wanna steal her limelight (well, with Kim K being the exception. She specially requested that all her guests come in black and white). Other than that, all other colours seem fair game. Also, what you wear depends on the venue. Liz’s wedding is going to be held at a church so something more conservative would be appropriate for the day and we can bring on the glam at night cos it’s held at a glitzy ballroom.

I’m really more of a pastel person because I’m fair so pale pink sounds like a good colour to wear. I kinda like the simplicity of the dress with the lace sleeves and tie at the waist cos this gives you more room to play around with accessories. Maybe a simple necklace, pearl earrings for a demure understated look or a glitzy jewel encrusted clutch and blinged out earrings for something more eye-catching.

I think chiffon is a great fabric to wear for weddings. It’s light, feminine, it doesn’t crease. I particularly like it in pastels and floral prints. This dress is simply divine. Chiffon dresses can be rather run of the mill, but this one looks so well made with the tiny pleats and the embellishments and beading (the price tag is hefty!) Also, be unconventional! A pastel dress doesn’t have to be muted and dull. Be surprising and at add that pop of fuchsia on accessories be it shoes, a clutch etc.

As for a church wedding, I am more inclined to go for something floral or polka dotted. You know, something novel, fun yet sweet. Minimal accessories, maybe a messy bun or a mass of curly hair that’s half pinned up. A corsage. You get the drift.

I can so see Ruth in the third dress! I actually think she has a skirt in a similar print! I’ve really been into polka dots lately so out of these three dresses, I am totally digging the black tailored one.

For dinner, I’m thinking conservative yet glamorous (I’m not one that really bares alot of skin).

I think the textured fabric thing is in. Whether it be flowers, petals or sheered chiffon, I kind of like the effect it has. I found something similar at Modcloth that’s work appropriate so yes, I’m embracing this trend! Strangely, Glamour’s dresses are all in nude colours, white or cream. Is that the standard for weddings though? I always thought black was the way to go but I couldn’t find a decent LBD. Strange. I loveeee this bold red dress. Who says you can’t be sophisticated and sexy when you’re all covered up?

I think my rationale is really to pick a dress that is formal enough for the occasion yet something wearable for work. So in some ways, I guess the print, cut and colour can’t be too outrageous for everyday wear. I don’t really believe in buying a dress just to wear for one occasion and then it’s just left in the closet to rot. So I think for this wedding, I’m going for something versatile, something that I can mix and match to wear everyday! Can’t wait to trawl the shops this weekend to look for that perfect dress!

Fall for you.

Yes, Fall is here and as mentioned in my previous post, I’m really loving the darker more subdued colours like teal, brown and grey (I’m SO TEMPTED to buy a pair of mustard Timberlands! GAH!) and I’m wearing more checkered shirts ala American Eagle and Abercrombie.

But we can’t possibly be breaking out our flannel shirts, jeans and combat boots all the time. I think there needs to be a kind of balance and I think this year, I might go all feminine (thanks to the many weddings that are happening this time of year).

Seriously, that Zac Posen dress is such a dream and it’s actually on sale but even so, it’s like $1300+? And that’s not even converted back to Sing dollars yet. *sigh* and so I can only admire it from afar.

Other fashion trends I’m adopting this Fall is also loafers/maryjanes/moccasins! I have a pair of semi-faded navy loafers from Mitju and it is so so comfortable. Sadly, it’s been worn to death so I might be looking to replace it soon. I’ve been looking around at Hush Puppies, Everbest, Aerosoles and the like cos I figured that it makes more sense to buy a pair that lasts as opposed to having many pairs of shoes that spoil in a few months.

Also, now that my hair is slowly creeping past my collarbone and is almost reaching my boobs, I figured that I could play around with it and do a nice chignon, braid or bun! (You can check out Ruth’s post to see hair tutorials complete with pictures and instructions!)

What are some Fall looks/trends that you like? Share them with us!

Just For Caroline

We started this blog to keep close, & well, here’s some eye candy to brighten up Carol’s day! haha.

Rafael Nadal – I’ll let Carol gush on about him, but he’s basically a hot dude who hits tennis balls really well (or that’s the main gist of it, I always zone out whenever she starts LOL)

So I bet she can’t wait until Thursday because Nadal will be unveiling a giant twenty-foot-tall billboard at Macy’s in Herald Square :)

enjoy the eye candy Carol!

Teal Dream

I was surfing through as usual and noticed that teal seems to be a colour that is really catching on. I guess it’s autumn and more subdued colour palettes like browns and greys are coming back in vogue but that’s pretty drab. Teal is such an interesting colour. It’s mysterious and murky and dark. I’m so going to make an effort to incorporate some colour pops of teal in my wardrobe!

It all started with these pair of jeans. I love the styling of the entire outfit. The blue of the jacket really brings out the deep hue of the pants. Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly teal. It’s more forest green but whatever. It’s nice. And somehow, you can’t find something like this in singapore. You only see brick red jeans everywhere.

Who says teal needs to be dark and dangerous? This little polkadot outfit is so adorable! I love the messy hair and wide rimmed glasses too!

And of course, when I talk about lookbook, how can I not talk about Mayo? I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.

And because I’m totally digging the batwing , shroudy top right now, this is like my dream top in my dream shade. If anyone finds something that looks remotely similar, please let me know! (And on a random note, how do these people grow out their hair?! It looks so luscious and long! My hair takes SO LONG to grow out! I want Rapunzel hair pronto!)

Reminder to Self: Enjoy Life, Live Well.

so why do I keep telling myself, “sleep more, live less?”

but it’s up to you to make the best of what it is.


& are you looking past the wall?

We are the dreamers of tomorrow.

Enjoy Life, Live Well.

Don’t get lost in it.

Bag Lust

So it’s not that I’ve tired entirely of my beautiful Tocco Toscano work bag, but I’ve been thinking that whilst I really, really love it – it’s the perfect black work bag, somedays, I really feel like having a pop of colour. Especially on days where it turns out my work outfit is just plain black. or dark blue. or grey. or white. or white and black. haha, you get the idea.

That said, it’s not easy to find a bag that suits my needs. I’ve pretty much settled into the work routine now, so the same goes for the stuff in my bag (which is good, because my criteria for the bag remains constant, but this also eliminates quite a huge number of bags out there. *sobs*). So what are my bag essentials? take a look!

What’s in my bag:

  • file with work stuff
  • umbrella
  • security pass
  • Aldo wallet – I LOVE it. I can carry tissues & blotters inside! soo worth the SGD $15 :D
  • Ipod Touch (I wish I had an Iphone. *sigh)
  • Kate Spade 2011 scheduler
  • little bag of essentials (as featured here)
  • handphone
  • camera
  • 4gb thumbdrive (a lifesaver)
  • chicken card holder

Plus, my lunchbox, which isn’t pictured here – mostly because I change the shape of my lunchbox with whatever is served for breakfast. So as you can see, it’s quite a large amount of things, so I can’t do with any teeny tiny bag, though some of my colleagues would beg to differ, heh.

for details of featured items, click here

& this season, colour is being embraced all over again by designers of various brands. My favourite has to be the orange Victoria Beckham one – though the purple Mulberry comes in a close second. I’m totally digging how structured these bags look. Personally, I feel that structured bags look so much better because no matter what oddly shaped things you stuff inside, the bag still looks good, no matter what.

Of course, since I’ve only just started work this year, it’s pretty unthinkable for me to splurge a month’s paycheck (or more!!) on arm candy. so cue in the cheaper alternatives. Not as lust-worthy, not as unique/exclusive, but they won’t break my heart

to see details of featured items, click here

My favourite of this bunch? The Dooney & Burke bag in firebrick red. A pity the brand doesn’t seem to be available here locally, but I might spot it when I traipse around Hong Kong this coming September! (they have a boutique in Macau!) I simply can’t wait :D

What’s your take on bright arm candy?

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