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Dear Words, Wow.

Sometimes I miss uni life. It was a time in my life where I really felt like my entire world opened up and I was exposed to the genius of so many literary greats. Sure there were some painful reads (James Joyce ouch!) but those aside, I forged friendships with Bram Stoker, Don Delillo, Bharati Mukherjee, Chinua Achebe and one of my fond favourites, Jeanette Winterson.

I just love the way she writes. It is so poetic. Especially when she talks about love.

She expresses love with such ferocity, passion and honesty that it just leaves me reeling. I really need to pick up some of her novels asap. I need to feel and experience the beauty of words and language once again. Sigh.

Into the Woods

I booked tickets a week ago for Into the Woods, a renowned broadway musical that is performed by an all-Singaporean cast: Selena Tan, Adrian Pang, Sebastian Tan, Emma Yong, Denise Tan, RJ Rosales, Robin Goh, Lim Kay Siu, George Chan and Sheila Francisco. While I thought the cast worked together very well and that everyone had great chemistry and vivacity, I didn’t like the musical as a whole. The music and the storyline wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I liked the opening theme which created that mysterious eerie aura of the woods and the duet of the princes was pretty witty but other than that, pretty much all the other tunes were quite unmemorable.

Honestly, the musical was pretty draggy. It started at 8pm and ended at 10.50pm with a 15min intermission at 9.30pm. The play ended rather nicely at the intermission with most of the problems resolved so alot of people, myself included, thought that it was over! I mean, what more was there to do to make up the remaining 1 hour 15mins? Well, apparently the second half was abit forced I felt. A giant was introduced (visual and sound effects for this was awesome) and many characters died as a result, including the narrator (yes, it became rather absurd in the middle).

The second half also showed the realities of life I guess. You see Cinderella’s prince straying and having a fling with the Baker’s wife, you see the Baker’s wife who already has a child mind you, actually kiss the Prince passionately countless of times and yes, it is insinuated that they had sex. While this was done rather tastefully and it did reflect how happy endings are fallacious, I didn’t think this was quite so appropriate for the little kids in the audience. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to burst their bubble and ruin their childhood fantasies so early in their lives haha.

I have to say that the set was awesome. They actually constructed this huge tree with hanging vines and it was simply magical. Most times we forget how much hard work actually goes into putting a production together and really, the set, costumes, makeup was fantastic.

Into the Woods has 12 other shows remaining, it runs from 29th July to 7th August at the Esplanade Theatre. Tickets can be purchased as Sistic.  

Office Life is kinda driving me CRaazy

but really, that’s something of an understatement!

Craziness aside, one good thing about joining a pro-work/life balance organization is that they really go all out to provide their staff with opportunities to enjoy themselves together :) In the last two weeks alone, I’ve gone on 2 outdoor excursions & a cupcake baking class, yay! I’ll have to admit that whilst i’m a talkative person, I’m not really someone who makes a conscious effort to learn new things or have new experiences, so I really do appreciate these opportunities. Not only does it enhance the bonding between my colleagues and I, but also introduces an awesome element of fun, which is a rejuvenating experience from the monotony of mundane office work…

Our cupcake baking class was held in the So EZ Cooking Studio, located next to Food Junction in the basement of Great World City. Browsing through their pamphlet, the studio actually offers quite a wide variety of things you can learn to make, from a full set of french/japanese/chinese cuisine to kiddy treats that kids & parents can enjoy making together. Since we were learning how to bake cupcakes, we had the privilege of meeting their pastry chef, Chef June.

I’m not too prolific a baker myself (in fact, I hardly ever bake), so I really enjoyed listening to the tips and tricks that Chef June shared with us. She explained the differences between dense and fluffy cakes, and also provided some advice on how to “save” our cakes/pastries from imminent disaster. Plus, she was really helpful & went around assisting us. Our ingredients for the day: Butter, Sugar, Flour and Eggs. pretty simple huh!

The baking class was about 2 hours long, during which we camwhored like crazy (as all typical huge groups of girls do) and we all managed to make 4 cupcakes each. There was also a 15-25 min break, while we waited for our cupcakes to cool & had toilet break etc.

Tada! The happy NorthEasties gang! (aptly named so because we all live along the NEL  – serangoon, kovan, hougang & sengkang)

Our favourite part was by far the icing! It was so fun and easy to whip because Chef June FINALLY let us use the electric mixer. Manually mixing in the butter and sugar nearly tore our arms off, thanks to the monotony and lack of exercise that results from office work. We were also given 3 pretty decorations to put on our cupcakes! I really liked the red hearts :D

At the end of it all – tada! my awesome cupcakes. They were simple butter cupcakes which tasted pretty good to me, but if you ask me, I think I’ve been completely and utterly spoiled by that awesome cupcake stall at Amoy St, where the filling just ooozes out soooo deliciously. So haha, compared to those, my cupcakes definitely weren’t up to par but they were very edible, so I’m not complaining! X) Plus, the bf gave it his stamp of approval!

So yep! i’ve been a pretty busy bee. which means now I have more outstanding work with looming deadlines to meet. eeks!

Suri Cruise makes a splash

I am jealous. Yes, there I said it. And what makes my declaration all the more embarrassing? I am jealous of a child. A precocious little kid called Suri Cruise. Let me tell you why.

1) She is so darn adorable! Literally a miniature Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise’s eyes.

But looks aside, I am so envious of her wardrobe. I mean, this has got to be the most fashionable kid I’ve ever seen (okay, Victoria Beckham’s kids also come close but they are boys and boys’ fashion is boring) I wonder if she has a stylist…

It’s probably unintentional but this little girl is picture perfect. Whether it is that babydoll haircut (I don’t remember looking this cute in a china doll haircut as a kid lor!), the sunny frock or those shiny ballet flats, this little girl makes it work! I know it may sound a little strange to see Suri as a style inspiration but really, if she has such great style now, she’s probably gonna be the next Grace Kelly (or something equivalent) 10 years from now!

I love the bright colours, the fact that she has a matching coat with that red dress and how she can trot around in HEELS. I mean, that is incredible. Incredibly creepy (though admittedly it is cool in a fashionista kind of way). But I love how she readily smiles for the camera with the wind blowing in her hair… it comes so naturally to her! Though one wonders whether she’s been coached to perfection (sorry, not a Tom Cruise fan) or is she simply one photogenic kid. As such, I’ve included a rather unglam photo of her here. At least this shows that she’s allowed to be a kid, you know, poking and prodding your teeth in public and the like.

We don’t know what the future holds for little miss Cruise. Showbiz? Perhaps. But we do hope that her awesome chic style is a prelude for bigger and better things to come!


Imagine finding the “solution” that unlocks your full potential. What could you accomplish? More importantly, who would you be?

A down-and-out, struggling writer Eddie Morra happens to chance on a pill that unlocks his full potential. Suddenly, the world isn’t as it was to him before.

I’m not going to spoil the movie for you, but it certainly was an interesting take on how one’s perspective of the world, and one’s own belief/recognition of one’s own capabilities, can really affect your behaviour and attitude towards life. Instead of endlessly procrastinating, taking a blind, courageous step of confidence might just be the key to unlocking all those unopened doors of opportunity in your life.

One thing that I really enjoyed were the aesthetics of the film. Director Neil Burger might not have picked the best screenplay (the dialogue was at times, sorely lacking), but he definitely knew how to convey the nuances of a film – it seemed very French to me, in style.

Of course, the main spark of the entire movie was the promise … and fantasy of one’s potential becoming limitless. What would you do, if nothing was beyond your reach, beyond your knowledge? How many  languages would you pick up? How many things could you learn? How much money could you make?

Overall, I’d rate this movie a 6/10. Pretty boy actor Bradley Cooper certainly steps it up, but the premise of the story and the end point are, to my personal opinion, unsatisfying. I wish the movie had a better ending. So aesthetics wise, it wins. Plot wise, it runs flat towards the end. Check out the official trailer below!

Crisis Averted!

It is monday and it’s back to the battlefield again but you shouldn’t have to struggle at the workplace! Here are some handy items to have at your desk just in case there’s an emergency…

Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions

Oh yes, I am on my feet for an hour and ten minutes at a stretch, sometimes more and what keeps my feet happy are these gel cushions that helps prevent my feet from abrasion and blistering. Scholl’s Party Feet is awesome because it actually stays on your shoe insoles unlike some other brands that come off after awhile. I also like to smear some Footglide Skin Protectant  for added protection and to spritz it with some The Body Shop Peppermint Footspray to keep away the smelly Hong Kong feet!

Rexona Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

There are many reputable brands in the market but I love Rexona because it works and it is so darn cheap! For $2.35 (it’s on offer now!) you get a roll-on deodorant that provides 24hr bioprotection. That means that your skin is allowed to breathe while some chemical masks your body odour. As a result, you feel clean and fresh and you smell good too! I’ve tested it out for a week now and even after the end of a long work day, I can still smell that faint hint of my Rexona Deodorant. I got the green roll-on and it’s called Rexona Naturals and it has this botanical shampoo-y smell about it that is not too overpowering. Good stuff.

Dettol Wipes

For $6, you get 50 sheets of anti-bacterial wipes that is supposed to kill up to 99.9% of germs and viruses! I love to use this to clean my keyboard, my trackpad and my desk. I don’t mean to be an OCD freak but we come into contact with so many different kinds of germs everyday. I have to use a fingerprint scanner to get into the staffroom (and God knows how many people have swiped their fingers on that machine alone!)

Hansaplast Plasters

If you work in an office, you are bound to get a paper cut (I just got one today) and it is amazing how such a small little cut can cause so much pain! Yikes. But of course, a paper cut is a small matter. I keep plasters (I have a first aid kit actually) at my desk in case a student gets hurt during PE or CCA. Also, plasters are mighty handy if 1) gel cushions fails 2) foot glide fails and you STILL get blisters after all those preventive measures.

Eclipse Mints/Toothbrush + Toothpaste 

Whether it be meeting students or an important client, you don’t want to have to speak to them right after a meal. Bad breath can be such a turn off. So always be prepared. Have a bottle of mints at your table or carry around a portable tooth brush and tooth paste so you can have nice clean teeth and fresh breath! I find Eclipse mints to be really effective and they taste a tad sweeter than Fisherman’s Friend so they are my preferred choice. Of course there are lots of other brands of aftermeal mints like Impact, Frozz, Clorets or Tick Tack that come in a variety of other flavours.

These items may seem so insignificant but oh what a huge difference they make in my life! What are your office must-haves?

Comic(ally) Apt

Every once in awhile, I chance upon comics that couldn’t have expressed the author’s intentions any better – showing just how the medium of sketch + prose can meld together so well to convey a thought. Here are my favourite picks off tumblr!

I wish I still taught tuition, because this particular cartoon brings to mind how I once lectured a boy on p***ography (pardon the ** but I don’t want spam bots to come visit my blog). anyway, so my boy tells me with pride about his “mature” experiences – & I ask, so guys like to dissect women right? you look at all the advertisements, it’s just got a boob, an ass, or legs that go on forever *boy fervently nods* well, I went on, “that’s the way women will eventually see guys, so don’t think you can get a girlfriend so easily in future if she’s comparing you to that calvin klein or diesel ad, with all those men that have six packs and perfect skin.” *mortified face of boy* haha. so yes, it’s really all about perspective :)

This might seem really sentimental & nostalgic, but I really miss those primary school days where i would receive tons of letters, via snail mail or sneaky desk-passing. I think we all loved address books and writing letters that took hours of effort to decorate, letter by letter, “Dear XX, you are my good friend. let’s eat recess together tomorrow!” hahaha.

Oh, Optimism. Tis the best thing one can have in any difficult situation :)

& then Reality just comes & smacks you in the face. Looking at these 4 stages of adulthood, it looks like I’m still blissfully in the first stage. The clock is already ticking & I should start planning & give myself more long term goals to work towards. I wouldn’t want to be a sad, angry, regretful old person.

There is NO WAY I can sufficiently describe how much my colleagues LOVE bubble tea. haha the last time my colleague went off for a meeting at Toa Payoh, she came back lugging 40+ cups of Koi LOL. today we walked quite abit to get our fix of Gong Cha. We’re crazy. Inexplicably addicted to this sweet, yummy stuff.

Yep. even Superman has a hearing problem every now and then. hahaha. & in my line of work, mishearing someone can lead to very disastrous (but comical) results. An occupational hazard of frontline work!

I think it’s pretty ridiculous how people seem to perpetually and stubbornly stick to using old proverbs that no longer hold any real meaning, like “pushing the envelope”! (& now that I see this comic, I can’t get it out of my mind.. the next time someone senior says it, I’m gonna be caught giggling. oops.) If you’re curious about the origin of this idiom, well, here’s what I gathered from a quick google search:

In the early days of test flying, airplane engineers would draw flight performance graphs on the back of their mail envelopes while they were talking over lunch. When they were referring to “out of control,” situations the performance graph would often extend out beyond the edges of the envelope, hence the proper term, “outside the envelope,” meaning beyond the boundaries of normal flight, or now, beyond the general boundaries of normal anything. Since the pilots who were getting into these out of control situations were “pushing” the limits of the airplanes, the mixed metaphor stuck – hence, pushing the envelope, which is the active verb referring to creating any extreme situation.

Hmm so how relevant is this really? I think it’s one of those unfortunate idioms that has been sorely abused in today’s world.

heheh. everyone needs a little bit of stupid fun every once in awhile :)

So that’s it for my Tumblr Tuesday post! watch out for this feature every Tuesday, I’ll try to always keep it coming!

Kate Spade 2011 Black/White Collection

We’re totally digging Kate Spade’s latest Black White Collection. It’s a modern and hip collection of designs that celebrate how versatile, stylish and chic monochrome can be. With such cute fun prints, it’s no wonder that this monochrome collection is so eye catching and far from boring. Moreover, black & white are basic colours that can effortlessly match any outfit! Check out our fashion inspirations below :) Recently, I was digging in my mom’s closet for work pieces to revamp and rejuvenate my wardrobe (oh you know how it is, one might have clothes in abundance but after awhile they just feel boring, as if you have nothing to wear..) Well surprise surprise, I chanced upon several striped pieces that looked really wearable and modern. & Then it struck me, stripes are something that never go out of style. Every few years or so, suddenly there’ll be a sudden emergence of an obsession with stripes in the fashion world. So if you’re thinking of putting your money on an investment piece, stripes might just be the way to go! With complicated patterns on one’s accessories, it’s a great idea to colour block – not only will the simplicity of your clothes complement the pattern of the pattern of the bag, but it also won’t be too overwhelming to the eye. Personally, I love that pop of colour in my outfit, so I find that I usually end up only carrying black accessories. But these would totally be arm candy! :) In the workplace, it’s pretty hard to get away with quirky wardrobe experimentations, but preppy-chic never seems to be inappropriate for work! These cute katespade bags are the perfect match to your preppy outfits. Peter pan collars, neckties and polka dots – I’m betting that at least one (or more) of clothes in these styles are somewhere in your wardrobe! XP What’s your favourite piece from the Kate Spade 2011 Black/White Collection? Tell us!

Sporty Chic

Given the fact that I’m now in charge of a sports CCA and most of my saturdays are spent on the soccer field, I figured that it’s time to alter my image and well, take on a sportier outlook. Believe me, I am probably the least sporty person ever. I am allergic to the sun (okay, maybe I exaggerate). I slap on sunblock like no one’s business and that’s really because I burn rather than tan. I am very fair to the point where alittle bit of sun exposure will turn me into a lobster, peeling skin and all. And before I know it, every little twitch in my facial expression leaves me in pain and my only relief is to slather aloe vera and pray that it heals quickly.

While I can’t really do anything about changing my skin color into that nice bronzy hue, I figured that I can tweak my wardrobe and my outlook instead!

Everyone loves a sunshine girl with a positive attitude! While the heat may cause sweat and pigmentation, I choose to focus instead on the positives like how the sun helps in my absorption of Vitamin D, how there’s an occasional breeze that gives us some comfort and how the heat gives me a good reason to wear my sunnies and my Uniqlo UV cut tops! I’m actually learning to enjoy the summer heat and it’s pretty fun to cheer on the sidelines!

One of the reasons why I never got into wearing sporty clothes was because they weren’t very fashionable. I mean, the first thing that comes to my mind are smelly sweats, headbands, aerobic tapes and well… those things aren’t quite so appealing. But now, big brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics etc are committed to change the image of sports wear and it’s so fashion forward in a futuristic kind of way. I love Adidas’s collaboration with Stella McCartney and I love how bright pops of colour like orange or fuchsia pink are used to really brighten up a windbreaker or track pants. And need I mention the pretty sports shoes? Clearly, functionality and aesthetic beauty can exist in sports wear.

Of course the best thing about liking a new style is about incorporating it into your current personal style and making it your own. I don’t see myself wearing dry fit tees or yoga pants so perhaps the best way to approach this new sports style thing is for me to start small. Perhaps wearing a fun t-shirt, jeans and pairing it with a funky pair of sports shoes or converses could work. I’m contemplating getting myself a sports cap and perhaps a new nalgene bottle!

So, Sports Chic, Yay or Nay?

Product Review: NYX Tinted Lip Spa

Being in an air conditioned environment for most of the hours in a day, my lips have been starting to become really chapped. However, I really disliked the “sticky” feeling I got from most lip balms… until I chanced upon NYX’s Tinted Lip Spa series :)

Gorgeous Lip Spa treatment with just a hint of colour so it will give you natural, luscious & oh so kissable lips

True to the product description, the Tinted Lip Spa works really great with moisturizing, without any sticky feeling. Unfortunately, one might need quite a few touch-ups throughout the day, because this doesn’t exactly last on the lips. What I love most about it though, is that the sheer colours are really pretty on the lips! After looking at swatches online, I decided to purchase TLS01 Copacabana (the palest) and TLS10 Juicy (the reddest).

The final verdict?

Well the TLS is now my favourite go-to lip care treatment for daily use, I only wish it’ll last longer. It’s perfect for everyday wear because the colour payoff is subtle yet pleasant, so for those who’ve been looking for subtle lip colours, TLS is the way to go! & yes my lips are no longer chapped as before :)

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