Splurges of the Month!

With a moderate oomph added to my bank account every month, it’s been really tempting to treat myself every once in awhile (but all this is stopping, with the setting up of my POSB Savings account, thank goodness). So tada! here’s my moderate splurge of the month:

Simple, elegant and black, this Tocco Toscano leather bag suited me perfectly for work. I loved the gold accent and the simple crown logo too! I have to admit, that I’m not really the type who’s into big-name brand bags so unlike my fellow “new” colleagues who got their first bag purchase from Chanel, Coach etc, I was looking more for a design that I really liked + quality :)

One thing I find is essential for bags is the shape. With all the stuffing that salespeople put in bags, they always look lovely hanging in the store. What i’m interested in, is what the bag looks like without all that stuffing, with my irregularly shaped stuff in the bag. So I went for a structured bag that had a definite shape, even with irregularly shaped stuff in it. & yes this is why I love katespade so much, so many of their bags are shaped so nicely! but none of the designs instore caught my eye…

Also, this isn’t a splurge at all but to decorate my desk, I got even more flowers! hahaha. I love flowers and how they brighten up a place, so for one dark little corner of my desk, I got these flowers + vase from Daiso

I love the combination of blue & purple, so I mixed four stalks of flower clusters (hydrangeas, they’re called) together. Plus, since my other flowers were more pink toned, I thought it’d be good to go for a “cooler” combination, whilst keeping with my overall theme of purple. This is why I love the colour purple so much! It’s just so awesome :D

The bf also felt quite spendy, so he got a Braun Buffel wallet in white. I really love the colour and texturized surface, plus white is a “new” colour for him. He usually goes with browns and blacks.

It was rather amusing how much paraphernalia was inside the wallet. They even had a “family tree” of the founding members of Braun Buffel!

I personally find that when it comes to things that you’re gonna use everyday (wallet, bag etc), it really makes sense to invest in a quality piece that lasts forever & is relatively easy to match. In other words, it’s either a neutral, simple piece or a really outstanding piece. The former to quietly accentuate your style and the latter to loudly proclaim it – it could really go either way. But get something that wears and tears in a few weeks and you’d be feeling rather unhappy about that purchase. So big ticket purchases these might be, but our daily use of them more than justifies the cost, i think! Far better than hiding in one treasured corner of our rooms! XP

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whimsical, nutella-obsessed, shopaholic, bookworm. A huge fan of fantasy novels, she sees the magic in everything :) Life is too short to waste time feeling miserable. Serendipity!

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