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Splurges of the Month!

With a moderate oomph added to my bank account every month, it’s been really tempting to treat myself every once in awhile (but all this is stopping, with the setting up of my POSB Savings account, thank goodness). So tada! here’s my moderate splurge of the month:

Simple, elegant and black, this Tocco Toscano leather bag suited me perfectly for work. I loved the gold accent and the simple crown logo too! I have to admit, that I’m not really the type who’s into big-name brand bags so unlike my fellow “new” colleagues who got their first bag purchase from Chanel, Coach etc, I was looking more for a design that I really liked + quality :)

One thing I find is essential for bags is the shape. With all the stuffing that salespeople put in bags, they always look lovely hanging in the store. What i’m interested in, is what the bag looks like without all that stuffing, with my irregularly shaped stuff in the bag. So I went for a structured bag that had a definite shape, even with irregularly shaped stuff in it. & yes this is why I love katespade so much, so many of their bags are shaped so nicely! but none of the designs instore caught my eye…

Also, this isn’t a splurge at all but to decorate my desk, I got even more flowers! hahaha. I love flowers and how they brighten up a place, so for one dark little corner of my desk, I got these flowers + vase from Daiso

I love the combination of blue & purple, so I mixed four stalks of flower clusters (hydrangeas, they’re called) together. Plus, since my other flowers were more pink toned, I thought it’d be good to go for a “cooler” combination, whilst keeping with my overall theme of purple. This is why I love the colour purple so much! It’s just so awesome :D

The bf also felt quite spendy, so he got a Braun Buffel wallet in white. I really love the colour and texturized surface, plus white is a “new” colour for him. He usually goes with browns and blacks.

It was rather amusing how much paraphernalia was inside the wallet. They even had a “family tree” of the founding members of Braun Buffel!

I personally find that when it comes to things that you’re gonna use everyday (wallet, bag etc), it really makes sense to invest in a quality piece that lasts forever & is relatively easy to match. In other words, it’s either a neutral, simple piece or a really outstanding piece. The former to quietly accentuate your style and the latter to loudly proclaim it – it could really go either way. But get something that wears and tears in a few weeks and you’d be feeling rather unhappy about that purchase. So big ticket purchases these might be, but our daily use of them more than justifies the cost, i think! Far better than hiding in one treasured corner of our rooms! XP

Wedding update

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that posts aren’t coming in as frequently as I would like. The past few days have just been a whirlwind of activity. Mark and I just had a small engagement party with relatives on saturday and sunday was spent with Ruth and Simeon and we basically talked through some details of the wedding. So the upcoming weeks is really going to be a bustle of activity. Going around food tasting, looking for a reputable photographer (any recommendations would be so so welcome at this juncture) and deciding on some ideas for an evening outfit and whether I should even include a cheongsam for the tea ceremony.

On the work front, school term just started so it’s all pretty slow for now cos all the kids are having their mid terms so I’ve basically spent the day doing admin, having invigilations and REALLY moving into my cubicle. Nothing extraordinarily eventful until tomorrow when my marking load comes in so fair warning, I will be missing in action for awhile. Many apologies. Thankfully, this blog is also helmed by the lovely and entertaining Ruth so I’m sure she’ll have many surprises in store for you!

And because this is a rather random wedding update kind of post, I figured, I might as well share a recently found favourite. This tumblr site called “weddingandromance.” It has the most gorgeous wedding pictures!

And this last one is my favourite :)

Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery, the magic of the moment or the fact that these people are so truly happy and blissful that they have found true love. Hopefully my wedding pictures will turn out just as nice!

Cakes Galore!!

haha by now I think there’s an overwhelming amount of wedding stuff on our blog, but hey! At this point of time, Caroline & I are looking for inspiration everywhere for her perfect wedding. As she’s pretty keen on a customized wedding cake, I’d thought I’d look for cake inspirations this tumblr tuesday :)

Carol’s wedding dinner has a maroon theme, courtesy of Shangri-La. However, her day theme is lilac/purple, white & pink, so I’m thinking of something inbetween those themes, to suit the mood and her wedding. Plus, she LOVES roses, so those would be a beautiful accent to her wedding cake :) Then again, flowers always look pretty on cakes!

I love the design of this cake, classic yet modern!

Colour schemes aside, I think she’ll also love textured cakes – with patterns, lace inlays etc.

:D Next weekend we’ll be trooping down for a visit to a few bakeries to check out their baked goodies & hopefully *crosses fingers* settle on a design & a baker waay in advance! :) Recommend us a few local cake shops if you know any!

5 Movies I can’t wait to watch

with so many of my favourite TV shows ending last season, I’ve been pretty much left bereft of any entertainment, which leaves me feeling quite morose about not having something to come home to. Cue in movie trailers I watch off youtube, snippets of movies that have yet to come to theaters. Here’s a list of movies I can’t wait to watch!

1. The Art of Getting By

Movies from Sundance always, always intrigue me.

2. Happythankyouplease

another Sundance film, starring Ted Moseby from How I Met Your Mother

3. The Other Woman

I don’t agree with the morals of this film, but I love Natalie Portman

4. Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz sheds her goody/bimbo girl image for a money grubbing drug snorting alcoholic teacher. The trailer made me laugh. ’nuff said!

5. Puss in Boots

From the geniuses of Dreamworks. Not to be missed! :)

One Day

This holiday, I’ve only gotten around to read three books: The Help, Something Borrowed and One Day. And I don’t mean to exaggerate but One Day has got to rank up there in my top ten most favourite reads (others include White Tiger, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close  and Never Let Me Go).

I’ve always been a sucker for romance. I don’t mean the formulaic sappy kind aka Nicholas Sparks. There’s only so much Dear John and The Last Song that a girl can take. Nor do I enjoy teenage angsty romance aka the Twilight saga. I think as I’ve grown older, I’ve lost that kind of innocence and naivety. I still very much believe that love exists but things like “love at first sight,” finding a “one and only love”… I think those are notions that have faded with time. It’s like waking up one day and discovering that Santa and the Easter Bunny don’t exist.

So what really appealed to me about this book is how real and authentic it felt. Emma and Dexter meet on their last day in college and their relationship unfolds as we see them grow older. Each milestone in their life, whether they are in their late 20s, early 30s or 40s, we see a new facet to their characters. We see the growing fatal attraction, we see the hot and cold nature of their relationship. We see the missed opportunities. We see the dependence that they have on one another. We see their failings and insecurities. The frankness and honesty, the wit and charm. Everything that one experiences when one is in love is so beautifully presented in this novel.

I also loved how Nicholls could so vividly describe the various places that the Emma and Dexter visited. Skinny dipping in Greece, teaching English in India, writing in Paris and slugging it out in a restaurant in Mexico. Their lives are every bit as colourful, tortured and rich as any real person. I love how Nicholls infused that spontaneous spirit of Eat Pray Love with the melancholic sadness of that Chinese movie, Turn Left Turn Right. And the ending is so so poignant. The image I have in my mind to best describe the ending is a girl weeping beautifully. It’s a happy sadness (yes, it’s an oxymoron). I really really did not want the novel to end. SIGH.

So if you are looking for a new book to pick up, this would be it. I cannot wait for a film release of One Day. I hope with all my heart that James McAvoy plays Dexter! He would be absolutely perfect! *cross fingers*


Yummy Indulgences in KL

Last weekend, my bf’s jc classmates & I decided to hop down over to KL for some shopping & food. As one who doesn’t frequent Malaysia all that munch, I was pretty impressed by the food. omg the Klang Bak Kut Teh is seriously TO DIE FOR. If anyone knows where I can get similar tasting Bak Kut Teh in Singapore, do tell me ok! :D

Klang is about half an hour’s drive from KL city, but with my boyfriend’s trusty GPS, it was pretty easy to navigate there. Though the two Bak Kut Teh were pretty much packed to the brim, the rest of the town seemed completely empty and abandoned. All the other shops were closed and I’ll admit that I felt a sense of uneasiness as we came to this abandoned place. So don’t expect any shopping here, just really good food that was gobbled up too quickly for me to take a snapshot. haha.

The shop was very generous with their servings of youtiao.. and the rice was insanely yummy! Something like chicken rice, but different (oh I suck at food descriptions..). As it was quite a “traditional” shop, one had to go through the routine of washing the cups in boiling water, before making the tea. I’ve never drunk tea with Bak Kut Teh back in Singapore, it doesn’t seem to be the practice here. The tea wasn’t much to scream about, they gave us prepacked sachets of tea leaf bits.

Another food place we visited in KL was the famous Robson Heights Seafood – known for its cheap, good and chinese-style seafood dishes.

Their star attraction was apparently this crab claypot rice, which was quite interesting but sad to say, we’ve had better claypot rice in Singapore. I suppose the heated rice dries up the crab meat too much, or maybe our tastebuds weren’t suited to the taste.

As you can see, (on the left) the crab was cooked in quite an interesting way not seen in Singapore restaurants. Unlike our lavish chilli, black/white pepper and butter sauces, this crab was cooked simply in soya sauce and left in the claypot. An interesting taste I’d say, but again, I very much prefer to eat my crab Singapore style :D

However, what the crab lacked in oomph was more than made up for with this glorious chicken dish. Somehow peanuts worked really well with this soya sauce + garlic chicken. *yums* We also ordered a few other things but again, they got gobbled up in no time. Overall, it was a pretty good meal but don’t order the fish at Robson Heights. It’s insanely expensive, even compared to Singapore prices.

& last but not least, how could we miss out on Madam Kwan’s famous Nasi Lemak? Done in a way that’s distinctly different from Singapore-style Nasi Lemak, this nasi lemak includes dishes like rendang, curry chicken and even sambal kangkong. Unfortunately, these dishes were only available in sets and we could not pick and choose what we wanted, like Nasi Padang. Madam Kwan herself was at the restaurant greeting customers, and there were many who asked to take a snapshot with her. Once again, everything was gobbled up and I forgot to take pictures. I completely suck as a food photographer hahahaha.

I have to say I didn’t shop much in KL, prices weren’t that much different and clothes weren’t really my style. The only place that’s really worth going to would be Aldo! The prices look like those in Singapore, but the value is in Ringgit :D

so tada! here’s my very pretty aldo wallet that will replace my (dirty) fossil one :) it cost me $15 SGD! I’m unsure how much it costs in Singapore coz I’m not really the type who’s obsessed with gloating over shopping savings HAHAH. Aside from this, I only bought a pair of flats from Malaysian brand Vincci that has now disappeared from Singapore. The rest of the time we spent there was pretty much spent eating & being massaged. All in all, a great weekend trip to rejuvenate & grow sideways! :)

Back To School Sprucing

So the new school term starts again on Monday and I figured that it’s time to buy some stuff to start sprucing up my desk. I’ve already bought some decorative postcards and knick knacks from Birds and Co   and Wood Would but I saved all my big items till now. Here’s what I bought from Ikea and Daiso!

These items are probably familiar to you if you frequent Ikea alot. I love Ikea because they sell home furniture and accessories at such an inexpensive price. These 4 magazine files are great for me. I intend to label them according to class so I could slot in various materials to help me organize my stuff. They come in white, natural brown, blue floral patterns and colorful stripes. I thought the colorful stripes best suited my personality. The best part? They only cost $2.90.

Also, I was looking for a pen holder to store my pens on the table because somehow or another I find unzipping a pencil case to be really troublesome (I’m lazy I know). So my answer is this generic white cup that costs only $1.90.

My last buy from Ikea is this rug. I intend to place this right underneath my desk so I can take off my shoes and have something cosy and comfortable to rest my feet. The rug came in different sesame street colours. There was cookie monster blue (which I got eventually), oscar green, big bird yellow, telly pink and elmo red. And as far as rugs go, this is cheap for only $25.

Right, so what did I buy in Daiso then? For $2, I managed to get a seat cushion in little brown polka dots and this was absolutely a steal because I intend to bring my khaki Ikea cushion (that I bought for hall) over as well! I absolutely am a stickler for matching things so brown and khaki definitely complement each other. I think that the muted palette for my seating area would definitely go nicely with my bright coloured magazine files and rug (or so I hope).

I also got a little white board! I was so so tempted to buy the Doodle board but it was so expensive. $70! That’s quite expensive for a writing board right? Though it does save the environment (but waste battery). In any case, price won over and I went for the cheaper alternative.

Lastly, I bought a little plastic box with a catch just to store my loose change. In school, you are always collecting small amounts of money (think $1.25) from students to print notes and this little box will definitely come in handy. I hate it when I tuck spare change in my pocket or in my bag and it gets lost in the abyss. Well, no more! Problem solved!

That’s pretty much my back to school shopping. I’ve yet to buy post-its and 2 binder files but that’s pretty much it. More photos of my work station once I actually settle in properly. But I’m really really excited! Finally a nesting place! Can’t wait!

Denim Blue

I’ve been pretty intruiged with blue lately. somehow it’s a very awesome work colour in every single shade that it comes in. I can’t really think of a blue that can’t be incorporated easily into work attire.

China Glaze – Midnight Mission

This deep blue is has a denim feel to it – I’ve two! similar dark blues from Faceshop, one with multi coloured shimmer and one with no shimmer and while Midnight Mission isn’t my favourite out of these three, it’s still pretty unique. Unlike the other two blues I have (and now I think with regret why I have so many blues of the same shade…but I digress.), the silver shimmer in Midnight Mission makes it seem as if it has a denim texture. Plus, with the silver, even in the dark the polish reflects a deep blue, which I like.

& trust me, denim isn’t just for the cowboys. With the right cut and the right fit, denim can be part of a very modern look.

for details of featured items click here

Whether as a colour or as a fabric, denim blue has me in its clutches. I’m sooo much more inclined to this deep shade of blue than I am to black at the moment. & with my nail polish looking as if it’ll continue to last for the rest of the week, (I’m impressed with china glaze’s formula!) I’ll be continuing on my blue obsession with my work attire :)

Wedding Planning Kit

So just the other day, Ruth and Simeon dropped off a little engagement present and voila!

It is the very handy ultimate wedding planning kit! Let me just say that this kit is absolutely AWESOME. I am not exaggerating. This kit is put together by wedding experts Elizabeth and Alex Lluch (of course they have to be husband and wife!) who are founders of  and in it lies very comprehensive material to help you plan your perfect wedding.

The kit includes 12 organizational folders with main headings as seen below…

This will be really useful for you to file your information according to the respective folders allowing you to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done.

Also, there’s a workbook, a poster-size checklist, a fashion and beauty guide and a pocket planner.

I’ll start with the workbook. It’s basically a planning guide that has graphic organizers, questions with blanks etc to help you write all your thoughts down. The opening pages are simple stuff like commemorating the proposal i.e. how did he propose, what did your parents say, what did your friends say. Then it starts to branch out into sections like section one would be Ceremony, followed by Attire, Photography, Videography and so on. Each section will feature a checklist to make sure that you don’t miss out on even the slightest detail. The most helpful section is actually Budget. They actually listed out all possible expenses that need to be covered and it places your projected spending with your actual spending figures side by side. This way, it helps you tally up your numbers quickly and efficiently.

 Those are just part of the preliminary planning process. For the months, weeks and days leading up to the big event, there is a poster-size checklist that is time sensitive. It basically is a countdown sort of checklist that tells you what you need to accomplish within a month, two weeks, even down to the day of the wedding itself.

And because the Lluchs are so thoughtful, they know that a poster sized checklist wouldn’t be portable enough for us to carry around. So they summarised all this important information into a little pocket book. This way, you can plan your wedding on the go!

Lastly, the kit includes a fashion and beauty guide that gives you the breakdown of the different kinds of necklines, gown cuttings and veil lengths available. They also have a whole host of makeup and beauty tips to offer. The best part is that it’s not just words but there are great illustrations too.

So I’m really psyched to use this planning kit! My very first thing to mark off my checklist? Bringing my bridesmaid to the tailor to get her measurements taken! So yes, the bridesmaid dress is in the making! Fitting will be done in December so more photos then! But here’s a teaser shot in the meantime…

The wedding planning kit can be purchased at Page One (or so I think judging from the plastic bag that Ruth gave it to me in…)

Luca Luca Resort 2012 Collection

Inspired by his vision of travelling through a small village in Morocco, Raul Meigoza came up with a really work friendly Resort 2012 Collection for Luca Luca. I love the clean and simple colour scheme with the mosaic print of complementing shades.

My favourite concept for this collection? The textures and details even in the most simplest of his pieces. He really played with pleats and the illusion of texture through prints, whilst keeping his clothings well fitted and flattering to the body. I haven’t played around with the idea of workwear with pleats yet, except for maybe one black skirt I have with a pleated pattern down the front, so this collection makes me want to experiment!

The key thing here is not to go for any old pleat, but to go for either the stiff pleat, or a piece that uses pleats as a side detail, like the last dress above.

I’m particularly in love with the lime green blazer that has a pleat detail at the collar. so unique yet so subtle! too bad my office is permanently at 25 deg Celsius so  it’s near impossible to wear even a light cardigan in the office (though some of the girls still do, but I have no idea how since it’s already so warm -.- )

are you into pleats? tell us why! 

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