Appreciating Singapore

WHEW! I just got in from a 10 hour bus ride from Cameron Highlands and I must say, I am feeling a little bit woozy. It’s not just the super long bus ride with the annoying 30-min stops that succeeded in prolonging the pain, but it’s that feeling you get when the holiday cheer is over and you are finally letting reality sink in. It’s that feeling you get, that little churn of the stomach, that little nagging itch. It’s that sudden urgency that gnaws at you to will the bus to move quickly through customs so you can turn on your data plan and check your email/facebook/twitter.

I dunno about you, but all these signs just point to how much of a Singaporean I am. As much as I enjoy going on leisurely holidays to Perth and more recently, Cameron Highlands, to breathe in the fresh air, to take slow walks and to eat and sleep well, I can’t really imagine myself living in these places. I’ve never actually imagined myself living anywhere else except Singapore.

Sure, it’s hot. Humid. People are kiasu, impatient (believe me, I’m still boiling with rage and annoyance at an elderly couple who stole my cab. I FLAGGED it down and they unceremoniously got in and pretended I was non-existent. Seriously, if you just asked nicely, I would have been nice enough to give it up to you.) and they aren’t exactly the most considerate people on the planet. But seething rage aside, there are many things that I appreciate about Singapore. Like how easily accessible it is for me to take a bus/MRT/cab to get around.

In Cameron Highlands, I stayed at the Equatorial Hotel and that’s near Kia Farm which isn’t exactly near to the town area which is Brinchang. You can see this from this map here:

So in order to get to Brinchang and any other surrounding attraction eg. rose centre, you need a vehicle to get you there. Nothing is within walking distance (except the market square and the EQ strawberry farm but seriously, that’s not much). And to take a cab, you can’t just hail one. You need to call a cab which will take 20mins to arrive because it travels all the way from Tanah Rata to get to you. So really, this trip has really made me realise just how important transport is and how a good transport system really frees you and allows you to move around. I felt soooo trapped in Cameron because of the lack of transport options (it’s not like Perth where you can just rent a car and drive around. The winding roads are pretty perilous.)

Also, INTERNET. I cannot believe I survived three days without the Internet. I know when you are on holiday, you should just leave your cares and worries behind. Work? What work? Sadly, I’m quite the workaholic and while I did enjoy the visits to the tea plantations and the hydroponics farm, at the back of my mind is that nagging feeling that my email inbox is going to explode (thankfully it didn’t. Only got 22 emails! PHEW!) But yeah, that’s another thing that is so integral to my life. Internet. Staying connected with family and friends across the world through technology. It was SO PAINFUL not to tweet (yes, I have a serious tweeting addiction) and not to share my thoughts with someone as I was experiencing the wonders of strawberry picking and suffering through the jungle trek. So many times I was saying “Kill Me Now” in my head, to myself. And no one could reply me back. It was a horrible, lonely feeling. Sure, you may think it’s rather self-obsessed but I guess that’s just me.

I am at the very heart of it, an urbanite. It’s almost instinctual. The minute I touch down on Singapore soil, I immediately whip out my handphone, configure it to M1 GSM and start texting away. The minute I touch down, my walking pace increases. Luggage in hand, I walk with purpose. My sole aim? Get home quickly. Get home and get back to life. Might sound rather humdrum and pathetic but I think there is some kind of beauty in that.

I’m slowly getting used to this holiday time warp thing (you know, where you feel like time stops during the holiday period and it starts racing again when you get back to reality?) I’ll do a photo post on my Cameron trip soon. If you are thinking of going to Cameron, be sure to look out for that. Also, I’ve got quite the announcement coming up so stay tuned!

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