A home, not a house.

Every election is a competition, and a little competition never hurt anyone.

It makes people work harder, it highlights their own mistakes that they can learn from and improve, it spurs them on to do better the next time.

The elections period was not a time for the “PAP to learn its lesson”. It was a time for the people, the opposition and the PAP to highlight and put foremost, the issues closest to the hearts of the nation.

Asset enhancement notwithstanding, what Singaporeans want… is to feel that they have a home they belong in, a home they feel comfortable in, a home they take pride in. Not a house.

That said, I’ve gained a newfound respect for our PM, while I’ve lost a certain measure of respect for several other candidates.

So let’s move forward positively towards this new era in our political landscape, and let none of the dirty talking during campaigning periods continue as the WP attempts to create history and continue its pro-Singapore approach in parliament. Idealistically, the PAP will accept the emergence of this new alternative voice in parliament and prove to us that there’s indeed no “groupthink” within the party.

In the words of Nicole Seah,

The competition has been robust; sides were taken and things were said. But now that the contest is over, we must come together as one country and work to build that future we want.

“United we stand, divided we fall” – let’s work together for the best of our nation, to truly make it a Singaporean Singapore.

Majulah Singapura!!

About ruth

whimsical, nutella-obsessed, shopaholic, bookworm. A huge fan of fantasy novels, she sees the magic in everything :) Life is too short to waste time feeling miserable. Serendipity!

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