Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

I’ve been hooked on this programme called Junior Masterchef Australia which is basically a TV show that features kids from ages 8-12 and we see them vying for the title of Masterchef Australia. It is simply appalling how at such a tender age, they can cook up a storm and make things as complicated as a Baklava or fish cakes in Thai sauce.

They seriously put me to shame. The only thing I know how to make is Maggi Mee! Anyhow, seeing all this delicious food on TV made me crave for Italian food (I think it was the seafood episode) and that’s how I ended up at Pasta Fresca.

I haven’t been to Pasta Fresca in years mainly because the parking at Siglap is just way too complicated (there are so little parking lots available) but today I got lucky. I got to park right outside the restaurant so I waltzed in without getting wet (it was raining quite heavily). And to my pleasant surprise, the decor hasn’t changed very much. That sense of nostalgia hit me when I saw those little murals on the wall and the draped fabric off the ceiling.

The place was pretty crowded cos it was dinner time but we were promptly attended to. Here’s what we ordered:

On the left, we have tomato soup with prawns, clams, mussels and squid and on the right, we have al fungi angel hair cream pasta

I would have ordered a pasta myself but I was down with the flu so I didn’t have much of an appetite. The soup turned out to be quite filling though because it came with two slices of garlic bread. I actually enjoyed my meal very much. The tomato soup was flavorful and you could really taste the pureed tomato. Yet, it wasn’t overwhelmingly sour. The squid pieces were chewy but not tough and they gave a hearty amount of clams, mussels and prawns. Really good quality Italian food for a Singapore-based restaurant.

The pasta was pretty yummy as well. They gave a generous amount of pasta so much so that my bf couldn’t finish it and I liked the bits of asparagus (not something you see with al fungi). But the thing with cream pasta is that you can get quite tired of it easily because it is so rich so it’s a good thing we shared.

And now for the highlight of the evening…


Despite being ill, I couldn’t say no to tiramisu. I am a dessert freak and it would be an absolute sin to go to an Italian restaurant and pass up on dessert. And by golly, this was totally worth it. I would give up eating pineapple tarts this whole CNY (and you know how I love my pineapple tarts!) just to recover from this baby. That’s how good this is. It had the perfect balance of coffee, liquor and cream. It was so light and fluffy… ahh words escape me. It was just such a dream. Like heaven in my mouth. No regrets whatsoever (though I think my cough got worse but nothing some ninja paper cow aka nin jom pi pa gao can’t cure).

After dinner, I went crazy shopping! See what I bought under cut!

And on a more personal note, I got my school posting result today and it wasn’t what I expected. I wanted so much to go back to my previous school because of all the wonderful friendships I have made there, the awesome colleagues, the rapport I’ve built with students… but you know, life takes an unexpected turn and throws you a curve ball. And so while I was reeling with shock (still am actually), coping with feelings of inadequacy, trying to fight that feeling of being ‘cheated’ yet bracing myself for the new challenges and excitement of a new school environment, I decided the best remedy was to go shopping and shop I did.

I will probably regret this tomorrow (I hope not), but I bought new shoes! And don’t judge me, but I bought them from Crocs. Lol. It was totally unexpected. I walked in, tried them on and realized that they were lightweight and pretty comfy. What’s more, they were work appropriate and so in the spur of the moment (I had a Becky Bloomwood moment I swear), I whipped out my debit card and bought it. $96.25 gone just like that.

Hi I’m Casey and I’m now sitting in Carol’s shoe cabinet

And I’m not usually a heels kinda girl but these were really quite comfortable and with kids being so tall these days, I figured that I could do with the height advantage (although it would probably have been wiser to have bought Kaela)

Anyhow, that’s not the only thing I bought. I also got a new camera! That means, no more blurry iphone pictures! Thank you all for putting up with it for so long! I promise that my picture posts will be much better quality from now on.

The camera of choice is Canon IXUS 150is in GREEN because Challenger offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. The original price of this was $269 and I got it for $229 whoopee! And because it’s some special CNY offer, the offer price ends in 4 days so grab it while you still can!

Being a point and shoot kinda girl, I didn’t fuss over the specs but this baby is a 12 megapixels cam with 4x optical zoom. It comes with standard 1 year warranty, camera case and 8GB memory card. I fiddled around with it for abit and it’s pretty user-friendly. Can’t wait to test it out tomorrow!

Yup, so that’s pretty much my day. Hope I didn’t bore you with my ramblings. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Hey – that’s a pic of my son, nick, who was in junior masterchef australia! glad you’re enjoying the show. the kids had a blast making it!

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