Sally Hansen Nail Appliques!

With my recent nail hauls, I’ve strictly abstained from any nail counters and racks to preserve the cash in my wallet, but right now I’m itching to get to the nearest Watsons to check out if they’ve brought in Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips – the latest release from Sally Hansen that promises great convenience with the prettiest of nail art.

Aren’t they pretty?? I absolutely love the idea of these, and as reviewed by Nail Blogger Alllacqueredup (all images were taken from her site and credited solely to her) they score well on the 10 day test (meaning that they last and do not chip excessively beyond that time period).

I’ve always loved nail art and I’m particularly in love with the lace design (think Katy Perry!) as well as some of the other crazy patterns, as they’re bound to make people look twice at your nails and wonder which salon you did your nails at.

Retailing at $9.99 USD each, or an estimated price of $13-$14 SGD, I’d say that these nail strip appliques aren’t something one can buy every week, but would be great for a party or even just as a personal treat. Besides, compared to a regular art manicure one gets at a salon (which similarly lasts 10 days because of nail growth, unless you invest in a gel/acrylic manicure), this is actually relatively cheap!

That said, I’m still partially obsessed with my Konad sets so even if I do buy these strips, I’d be going for patterns I can’t easily replicate :D Right now, given OPI’s recent release of the Glee nail appliques, I’m thinking that more and more nail polish brands are becoming open to this idea of easy, convenient nail strips. You don’t even need to wait for them to dry! All you’d need would be a base + top coat, to protect your nails and also to give them a shiny, gorgeous surface.

Here’s a peek at the entire Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Line (it’s such a mouthful, I wish they’d shorten it)

all pictures credit to all lacquered up and you can view her test of the strips here.

Personally, I don’t see much point in the plain nail strips but I’m pretty psyched to try out one or two myself, though I have to say that some of them don’t look true to the pictures on the advertising campaign OR the real-life results, which leaves me somewhat wary. I guess I’ll purchase based on online reviews and such :)

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  1. omg can these be found in sg?

  2. oh man! i have been looking for this high and low! still cant find any in singapore…

    • I agree! I can’t find it in singapore either. if only they would import it instead of the dumb justin bieber polish. hahahhaha

  3. hahahaha… i am totally digging the sticker nail polish the moment they hit the shelves! checked out guardian but in vain too.

  4. Smile, it makes the worldd better:)

    I live in the London( united kingdom) and would really love to buy these products, does anyone have an idea of where i can get them as i am obsessed with nail art

  5. hey guys! same sentiments! thats why i’m bringing this in, okay actually not this, but NAIL ROCK from UK, as seen on rihanna & katy perry!

    if response is good, i’ll bring in Sally Hansen then.


  6. this is abit late…
    just in case anyone is still looking out for them, i’ve seen watsons stocking some of these…
    not the full range of designs, but a good number can be found.
    spotted them at west coast plaza.

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