What’s In My Bag!

I decided to do my very own What’s In My Bag post! :)

Normally I’m a rather simplistic packer. I used to have many small things and random bits of trash in my bag, but I cleaned up sometime last year and began using a pouch to store my daily necessities :) Also, I scaled down to ensure that my bag isn’t too heavy whenever I go out – so besides these, there are the variables, depending on the weather (sunglasses, cap, umbrella) and the occasion (smaller pouch for nights out, larger one for stayovers, etc).

On the cover of my planner, I wrote above the huge lettered 2011, “A YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE” – because that pretty much sums up what I hope to achieve this year, financially and mentally.

Inside my Clinique pouch, here’s what I’ve got

Wet wipes, tissues + contact lens eye drops are my daily essentials, watson’s oil blotter helps keep the oil at bay, I got the pretty purple compact mirror from Japan, I carry two lipsticks to suit the occasion (matte + shimmer), a plaster as I’m quite the klutz, and my chicken card case to carry all the extra cards I don’t want in my wallet :)

About ruth

whimsical, nutella-obsessed, shopaholic, bookworm. A huge fan of fantasy novels, she sees the magic in everything :) Life is too short to waste time feeling miserable. Serendipity!

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