Travelling Smart!

As the holiday season arrives, most of us are about to embark on that annual family trip, or if you’re slightly more fortunate, a trip overseas with friends! In the midst of packing for my own Hokkaido Trip, I suddenly realised that I was in a slight dilemma over what beauty + skincare products to bring. Normally in the past I’d simply rely on hotel toiletries, but gradually it dawned upon me that their (mostly cheap) toiletries did nothing for my skin, particularly when it was attempting to adapt to a new climate.

Certainly, it’s unrealistic to advocate lugging around one’s entire beauty supplies on a trip that will last say, 3 days to 2 weeks. But it’s no tough job to simply bring along small sized versions of essentials. What I recommend is either travel sets of beauty brands you’re familiar with and trust (having a beauty crisis overseas is the last thing you want) or simply purchasing empty bottles easily available at stores such as Watsons and Daiso to contain your favourite products.

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Normally I decide on my “theme” for each holiday. If it’s a winter holiday I usually go for a “pink” look, which will complement the weather and snow and basically, everything. For summer holidays I do bring along a bronzer – not to bronze myself further, but to even out the parts of me that don’t get tanned as much as the rest! e.g. my eye area. Most importantly, if you’re worried about what would work best, just go for the natural look – a simple combination of concealer, loose powder and eyeliner would do as well.

Paying attention to the weather of the place you’re traveling to is extremely important. Singapore’s climate hardly ever changes, and we rarely have to use specific products in order to protect our skin against the climate. Going overseas however, is a different story. It’s an intangible sensation, but once you step out of the foreign airport, somehow you know that you’re someplace different. This sensation is an accumulation of what your five senses are telling you, and your skin, being the most exposed area, will suffer or enjoy the bulk of it.

see detailed list of products featured here

My basic travel essentials to keep myself staying fresh in those long coach rides would normally be just my wet wipes and blotting paper. However, since this year my family is jetting off for a winter holiday, I’m bringing along the Body Butter and lip balm, but ditching the blotting paper. I’ve found the Bodyshop’s Body Butter to be a dream in cold countries. It keeps my skin soft despite the harsh cold weather. Moreover, wet wipes are really great as a “pick me up” whenever I have to wake up from a long nap on the coach ride, or when I’m rushing down for breakfast or the bus and haven’t had time for a quick wash-up. Also, rather than tote along a bottle of perfume, I prefer to simply smell good from using the Body Butter or scented wet wipes. It goes a long way and I’ve even had a mother ask me whether I could lend her “smelly boys” some of my wet wipes coz the hotel’s soap happened to be unfortunately … pungent. haha :)

Have a great trip everyone! Travel smart and remember to adhere to the various airport’s liquid restrictions. When in doubt, check in! I’d also recommend that you not bring along expensive beauty products in case your baggage gets lost/compromised. Happy Holidays :)

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