Paperexploits Christmas Collection

Christmas has always been a really big thing for me and aside from pretty presents, I love personalized gift tags and cards. And because my artistic skills aren’t up to scratch, my go-to person for cards and pretty stationery is Kelly. This woman is amazing. She handmakes everything from scratch, single-handedly runs her entire business while still schooling. And that’s not all. She also teaches at the local prison school and dances salsa. One wonders where she finds time to do so many things!

I’ve ordered from Paperexploits many times before in the past mainly because Kelly is just so accommodating and awesome. She promptly responds to all queries, and sometimes she even includes freebies with each purchase so customers get a lovely surprise when they open that envelope! And usually, all I have in mind is just a vague idea of what I want but somehow or another, she reads my mind and produces something that far exceeds my expectation.

So I just made an order specially for Christmas and whoopee! I received it in the mail yesterday!

Teddy will give you a sneak peek

First up, Christmas tags!


These tags are from her latest collection and its sold in a set of two. You can pick two Poinsettias, two Christmas Trees or one of each. I bought 8 sets (8 Christmas Trees and 8 Poinsettias) and the best part is that its double layered!

This means that you can write your message on one side, and the pretty textured side can be used as a bookmark! Dual purpose YAY!

The next thing I got were these customized bookmarks. 

I couldn’t quite decide what to give my Lit friends this Christmas so I thought that the most practical thing was bookmarks. So I told Kelly I wanted a Lit-inspired theme and this is what she came up with. I love the weathered look of the paper and the whole concept of travel, especially since my friends thoroughly enjoyed their exchange experience. My favourite part? The back…

It is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that is beautifully typewritten. It reads:

I think that this is especially apt for my friends who are also in the teaching profession. Simple, thoughtful and inspirational.

Next up, a little something for myself!

As some of you might know, I am a cat person. Not that I don’t like dogs, I do. Just not as much as cats. So anyhow, this is a gorgeous bookmark specially designed for me! It’s girly, cute yet not overly cluttered. Fits my style perfectly. And being the avid reader that I am, this bookmark will surely be gracing new pages of books really soon!

And that is not all! Kelly sent me a second surprise package the other day and these are the spoils…

More Christmas-themed circle tags and bookmarks!

Some of her famous letterheads, a birthday card and a personalized note:

I love how she actually takes time to write a note to show appreciation to her customers. That’s what I call excellent service. It’s personable and sincere and it because of this, she’s had loads of repeat customers. Oh and what’s awesome on top of all that? A 10% discount code for your next purchase and not only that. But the 10% discount code also applies to a friend that you recommend! Referrals. What a brilliant biz strategy if I do say so myself.

So if you are interested in purchasing her handmade cards, envelopes, bookmarks, tags or any kind of stationery, do check out her etsy website here. For custom orders, you can email her or drop her a message on etsy. If you are interested to read her stories, (she has one for everything that she makes), check out her spanking new site here.

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  1. Aww Carol, I just saw this (was really swamped over the weekend and didn’t go online at all!)– thank you for writing such a lovely post :] I’ll be featuring this on my blog! <3

    P.S.: Russ just wrote on my wall saying he loved the bookmark, hooray! :]

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