Healthy Snacking

I’m feeling kinda peckish and it’s sometimes so hard to resist that sinfully delicious chocolate bar. I swear, it’s giving me puppy dog eyes and looking soulfully at me. So here’s my last line of defense against it: reminders to myself that yummy and healthy snacks DO exist, & I’d better stock up on them soon.

see detailed list of products featured here

and don’t get me wrong, I really do LOVE these snacks – the Apple Chips by Seneca in particular are my ultimate favourites and I very much prefer their sweetness to the conventional salty potato chips – but that’s coz i’m a sweet toothed girl. I’ll definitely be thinking of getting myself a dehydrator to make my own apple chips once i get a stable income :)

Snack healthy! Resist that Evil Chocolate Bar!

About ruth

whimsical, nutella-obsessed, shopaholic, bookworm. A huge fan of fantasy novels, she sees the magic in everything :) Life is too short to waste time feeling miserable. Serendipity!

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