NYX triple shadow review

As Ruth mentioned yesterday, we went to recce the Mega Flea Market at Expo and I bought two items: A polka dot dress for $10 (what a steal right?!) and a NYX eyeshadow palette in TS34 Team Spirit ($8).

Swatch courtesy of Shimmerkisser.

I wasn’t exactly looking for an eyeshadow palette but my regular spree organizer, Smoochiezz also has great deals that I can’t resist. She has round lipsticks and lipglosses from NYX ranging from like $3-5 and loads of e.l.f nail polishes, brushes and some other studio line stuff, all around the range of $3-8. And if you are looking for higher end stuff, she has some Mac eyeshadows and blushes too. If you’re interested, her booths at the Mega Flea Mart are I07 H07 I08 and H08. That’s in Expo hall 3B, the event runs from 10am-10pm. It’s only for the 27th-28th though so you better hurry before all the good stuff gets snapped up.

Anyhow I got through her booth pretty much unscathed (phew! didn’t spend as much as the last time), purchasing only this NYX eyeshadow trio. I bought this mostly for the fuschia pink/purple and the gold because I don’t have these colours in my makeup arsenal yet. So what did I think of it?

Well, to be honest, it didn’t wow me. Unlike the swatches, the colour payoff wasn’t that great. You really have to layer on the colour for it to be visible. I got quite frustrated initially because the pink despite numerous layering, was only a light pink at best. It never turned out to be that vibrant fuschia that I wanted. But then again, I didn’t try it with a primer underneath so hopefully the colours will show more and be more long lasting with a good primer on.

You see what I mean? It’s light pink/lavender. Not bright fuschia. Oh well. To comfort myself, I went heavyhanded with the blusher hence that bright pop of pink lol. So if you are thinking of getting this palette to create bright vibrant eyes, then I think you should give it a miss. The colours definitely turned out more pastel on me than I would have liked so I will most likely use this for blending the outer corner, or for days where I want a more neutral eye. Sigh. Quite disappointed actually. Oh well, the quest for that hot pink eyeshadow continues!

On the upside, the dress I bought fitted perfectly. A tad short, but given my height, it’s hard to find a knee length dress anymore.

I really like the ruffles at the sides and the button detail down the front. It’s cinched at the waist as well so it gives off this feminine girly vibe (which I don’t mind wearing on weekends. Weekdays it’s back to shirts and trousers!) and ooh! Its in line with the nautical trend! Haha see… here at Quirkychic, we practice what we preach!

Actually, I think this dress would work better as a romper. Maybe when I have the time, I’ll just stitch up the bottom and turn the skirt into shorts. That way I wouldn’t have to be so self-conscious whenever I have to bend over to pick up something.

All in all, the flea market at Expo was not bad. Ruth bought some rub-ons to decorate her planner and special socks with padding to cushion your feet against blisters (only $3 a pair). There was also a booth that sold My Beauty Diary masks for $10 a box and of course, alot of apparel from blogshops so if you’re free this weekend, do head down to check it out!

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