When I think of the word “Burlesque”, what comes to mind is the magical world of Moulin Rouge, one of my favourite movies of all time. Feathers and sequins galore, tight corsets and huge tutu skirts. One thing about the burlesque women – they loved their fur but always, always showed off their gorgeous legs. An interesting balance of too much and too little.

I actually love corsets – most of us aren’t perfect and though we’re of the right size, we’re not necessarily of the right shape. From time to time when I feel like wearing something figure hugging, I do wear a light corset beneath. Do note however, there’s a great difference between plastic bendable corsets (the type I use) and steel-boned corsets. Plastic boned corsets merely shape your body, i.e. there’s no constriction involved. However, if you’d like to minimize the size of your waist and force your body into the hourglass shape, steel-boned corsets are the way to go :) I have yet to try a Steel-boned corset, but the word is that they’re exceedingly uncomfortable, which makes me admire these Burlesque girls all the more. the pain they must’ve gone through!

But the Burlesque girls aren’t always clad in their tutus and corsets – one trend they really rocked was the Glamour girl, which many Hollywood divas of the Golden age took after, with figure hugging gold dresses, cut exceedingly low to celebrate their assets. Certainly, to emphasize their “star” factor, sequins weren’t out of place either.

One movie I’m really keen to see next year is Christina Anguilera’s feature film debut – Burlesque. The gorgeous sets, the anticipation of hearing Christina sing, plus the song and dance numbers look and sound fantastic.

Ever since her rival days with Britney, I’ve been a huge fan of Christina. Nowadays with audio-editing software one can never tell how talented a singer is (case in point: Glee) but Christina emerged as a great singer way before that software was made, & I always loved how she seemed to put her heart fully into the songs she sang. Here’s two clips as previews for the upcoming movie:

With regards to Cher’s appearances in the movie – well Cher has always kinda scared me a little bit, I’m not sure if it’s the husky tone of her voice, or if it’s the fact that she kinda looks like a tranny from certain angles. The hairstyle she’s been given in the movie does nothing to help flatter her long face either.

Considering that Christina is 29 this year, she looks surprisingly young! Moreover, I love her girl-next-door look in this movie. somehow it’s fresh, seeing that she’s always had a large variety of hairstyles and thick makeup in her showbiz years. To do a burlesque- inspired look, I’d recommend a balance between exaggerated, showy pieces and plain pieces. Obviously baring one’s full legs like these girls do isn’t quite the option, so I’d go for skinny jeans instead :)

most importantly, accessorize! Accessorize can make or break your outfit. don’t make the mistake of carrying say, a bulky messenger bag with these looks. go for a cute, small clutch that complements the outfit. I wouldn’t recommend statement necklaces, but a studded ring or earrings would do nicely.

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  1. ok i am definitely definitely watching this show! christina just gives me chills when she sings!

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