Anna Sui

I’ve always been a fan of Anna Sui. I love her use of patterns, the romantic idealization that makes the magic out of each catwalk – &  with this year being her 20th Anniversary, I was glad to see her Spring 2011 collection encapsulate the essence of Anna Sui as it has been these past 20 years.

Not to shy away from tribal prints, fringed edges and wafty textures, I love how these materials cling and float away from the models as they strut down the runway. The fringed edges create a great dynamism and flow to the models, and her use of statement accessories with heavily printed fabric show us that large accessories need not be used only with plain clothings. The first outfit is very cute, & i’m definitely going to experiment draping my scarf like so, over a chiffon dress (which unfortunately is absent in my wardrobe). Different prints of the same colours can look good together, & won’t clash if put together properly. The v shaped edge of the scarf (1st outfit) and dress (2nd outfit) help to elongate the model’s body and create the illusion of a slimmer, longer body shape. I really liked the poofy plaid shirt in the last outfit – the juxtaposition of patterns isn’t something I’d normally do, but Anna Sui makes it work!

Anna Sui amps up the denim trend not only by pairing it with denim-coloured footwear, but also by accenting its edges with bright prints. I love how much more exciting and hip this combination looks, which makes me very tempted to experiment with my old plaid shirt and spare denim shirt I have lying around. Perhaps in the hols! That said, the second outfit here pairs a printed scarf with a denim jumper and it’s easily imitated with what I already have in my closet :)

Crochet is something I’ve recently become a fan of. Granted, it’s always been kind of a grandmotherly- type of clothing, but I’m beginning to fall in love with the intricate interweaving of thick & thin strands in its patterning. Plus, the see through effect is quite sexy! Here, Anna Sui shows us that crochet fitted at the right places can be sensual instead of matronly. Steer away from badly fitted crochet pieces, you’ll really end up looking like your grandmother’s sister.

Ruffles are in trend this season, but Anna Sui has chosen quantity over size. rows and rows of ruffles line the edges of her clothing, accenting them and making them stand out. She’s also really gone detailed this season – besides her lovely crochet patterns, her clothes here feature detailed stitching and at the edges, cut outs of the stitched patterns. Interesting edges definitely are one of the star highlights of this collection.

& if you’ve noticed, the models of the runway feature the socks + heels combination quite often, & once I find the time to purchase socks of the right length, I’m definitely trying this out. methinks it might make heels more bearable and more comfortable to wear too!

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  1. ooh mixing prints and denim on denim is gonna be interesting :D

    • i love how she stitches them together!! oh are you going to do the betsy johnson nautical post?

      • yes i probably will sometime next week unless u wanna do it. if u do, then by all means go ahead k!

      • neh i’ve never really been into the nautical thing. i lovve betsy johnson too so i wanna see you post! hahaha. i’m doing a lipstick review next. I got DARK PURPLE LIPSTICK from sephora at taka recently. ede went insane when i told her, haha!

  2. lol seriously? whoa ok cant wait to see ur lipstick review! i’ll probably do the nautical post nearing end of the week. will tweet when it happens!

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