TAR 17.7 I want to belong to the circus, that’s where i belong

This week on TAR, teams stayed in St Petersburg, Russia where they joined a Russian circus, played Gorodki and solved a mystery. As expected, the doctors prove too strong for the rest of the competition and came in numero uno but don’t fret. There was drama aplenty what with misread clues, lying teammates and of course, the much dreaded elimination.

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Departing from St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia, teams had to travel by taxi to Avtovo Circus. When Jill and Thomas arrived first, they found that the circus didn’t open until later in the morning, allowing other teams to catch up.

Detour: Circus Clown vs Circus Band

In Circus Clown, teams had to balance 10 spinning plates on sticks for 10 secs before they were given their clue. In Circus Band, teams had to play a Russian folk song on the accordian and would get their clue once they have played it correctly.

Nat and Kat and Gary and Mallory headed for Circus Band while the other amazing race season 17 episode 07teams opted to do Circus Clown but the frantic atmosphere inside the tent proved too much for couples, Jill and Thomas and Chad and Stephanie and they swapped out to do Circus Band. Brook and Claire on the other hand, were in the zone and they quickly completed the task and left in 1st place.

At Circus Band, Kat quickly devising a form of notation to help them remember the fingering on the accordian. Their strategy paid off and they scooted off in 2nd place, just before Nick and Vicki completed their spinning plates task, departing in 3rd.

amazing race season 17 episode 07Mallory’s good ear for music helped her and her father get through the task. They departed in 4th, with Michael and Kevin following in 5th, leaving the couples to sweat it out. Jill and Thomas were growing more and more exasperated and after Chad and Stephanie “guitar hero-ed” their way into getting their clue, they decided to switch back to the plates challenge and this pulled them down to last place. Tsk tsk, see what indecision can do?

Route Marker: Bank Bridge

Teams then had to travel on foot from the Canal Bridge to a historic building. Once there, they had to climb up the tower and work out that the figurine on the ledge was their next clue. It pointed them to the Church on Spilled Blood (which is quite a freaky name for a church don’t you think? Kinda morbid sounding. *shivers*). When teams figured this out, they had to walk to the church.

Michael and Kevin made the mistake of NOT reading their clue properly and they followed a hired taxi there (which will later result in a 30min penalty). DETAILS PEOPLE. It’s all in the details. *SIGH* I think this was precisely the point where my heart sank and I was rife with fear that they aren’t gonna make it. But I digress. Where was I?

Oh yes, Nat and Kat and Nick and Vicki were the first two teams to arrive at the historic building. From the tower, they searched for their next clue. At first, no teams saw the correct figurine, but eventually, they found it and realized what their next destination was. Nick then lied to Kevin, making up some non-existent clue to mislead him and later on Kevin called him out on it. Drama drama!  

Route Marker: Church on Spilled Blood

Anyhow, teams made their way to their next destination, the Church on Spilled Blood (sounds like a place vampires like Dracula and Edward Cullen will frequent). Michael and Kevin, Brook and Claire, and Chad and Stephanie all took taxis, even though they were not allowed to. The clue at the church instructed teams to travel to where Peter the Great is buried. The answer was the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Nick and Vicki figured out the riddle quickly (shocking I know), but then couldn’t find a taxi. Meanwhile, Brook and Claire realized that they had previously taken a taxi when they weren’t allowed to so they went back to the tower to retrace their steps so that they wouldn’t be penalized. Lucky thing they realized it else the penalty would have been severe! c.f. Michael and Kevin *sob*

Roadblock: Playing Gorodki

In this roadblock, one member has to toss a stick to clear pins (much like bowling) and they are given 2 tries to do so before they can move on to a new formation (there are 3 in all). Upon completing all 3 formations can teams get their next clue. Kat finished it SO fast it was pretty astonishing. Like, lightning fast.

 Every other person started to overtake Michael: Nick, Brook, Thomas and Gary. Michael took so long because he had no strength. Poor feeble dude, but I like that he didn’t give up and continued to push on! Atta Boy! And eventually he managed to beat Stephanie who was the last one left to finish the task.

Pitstop: Peter and Paul Fortress

Nat and Kat’s stellar performance won them their third 1st place finish and $5000 in cash and because of two penalties that resulted in a 1hr delay time before Michael and Kevin could check in, this gave Chad and Stephanie a chance to overtake them and avoid elimination.

So there you go folks, my favourite father/son team is out of the running. *SIGH* All good things must come to an end I suppose. Thankfully we can still see their antics on youtube on Kevjumba’s channel. Lol.

But then this begs the question, is TAR worth watching anymore? It seems like the doctors are just pwning everyone else and the couples, I’m just waiting for their lucky streak to end and for them to fall apart (I mean seriously, Jill and Thomas CMI. The two times they started first in a leg (with the fast pass somemore) and they couldn’t use it to their advantage. Same goes for Chad and Stephanie who are escaping each week by the skin of their teeth!

Nick and Vicki are progressively getting more competent though and there’s no ruling out Brook and Claire, the eternal optimists. Me thinks that there is still much thrills and spills coming up so stay tuned!

Order of Finish

1. Nat and Kat

2. Brook and Claire

3. Nick and Vicki

4. Gary and Mallory

5. Jill and Thomas

6. Chad and Stephanie

7. Michael and Kevin (Eliminated)

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  1. I KNOW OMG!!! my heart literally SANK when they took the taxi and had the taxi lead them. I swear i was mentally screaming at them while watching the show. gaah

    i hate the dating couples. the men are such asses.

    i LOVE nat & kat! how do they NOT remind you of meredith & cristina from Grey’s Anatomy???

    I would like either nat & kat /Gary & Mallory/Brook & Claire to win. hehehe I have 3 fav teams!!

  2. YAH i totally get the greys anatomy resemblance tho i think both girls look way better than meredith and cristina :)

    • NOOOOOOO MEREDITH GREY IS HOW PRETTY!! did you see the documentary episode. did you see her hair! did you see her at cristina’s wedding? totally rockin the eyeliner look!!

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