5 Songs I Can’t Get Outta My Head

TGIF! After my very serious post about life, I thought I would change it up abit and talk about 5 songs that I have been subconsciously humming over the last week. So here goes!

1. Groovy Monday: Little Boots “Remedy”

Little Boots to me is like the predecessor of Lady Gaga. Electronic beats, catchy rhythm and dangerously seductive lyrics, this is the perfect song to get you all pumped up and invigorated Monday mornings!

2. Choral Tuesday: Perpetuum Jazzile’s cover of Toto’s “Africa”

A friend told me that this choir did a decent cover version of Toto’s Africa and I was highly skeptical. Very few cover versions could rival the original but boy was I pleasantly surprised. I especially loved the choreographed snapping and jumping to create a thunderous atmosphere. Sheer genius!

3. Gleeful Wednesday: Sam and Quinn’s cover of Jason Mraz’s “Lucky”

Ruth mentioned in her post how we are such HUGE fans of Glee and my favourite character is Quinn. She is just plain GORGEOUS (oxymoron hehe) but unfortunately she hasn’t got that much opportunity to showcase her talent so I was SO thrilled when she got to perform with Sam (what a hottie!) and it was simply MAGICAL. Santana was right, “So friggin’ charming” is just the right phrase to describe their chemistry and performance!

4. Chillax Thursday: One Republic’s “Secrets

One Republic has had many great hits and their latest song is just this perpetual earworm that I can’t shake off. The chorus is sooooo catchy and you can’t help but tap your foot/drum your fingers to the beat! This is just the right song to chill out with a bunch of friends, have a few drinks and wind  down.

5. Freedom Friday: Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

This song is just perfect now that the school week is out and the weekend is right around the corner! It’s time to let your hair down and just plunge yourself in joyful abandon! Go shopping with your girlfriends or plan the perfect date, give in to your every whim and fancy because this song is just the evil enabler telling you to do so!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment below your 5 songs to get you through the week!

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