This week on Glee! Season 2 Episode 4

Carol and I are HUGE fans of Glee –

Great voices, cool Cheography, *some* Eye Candy, it’s definitely a pleaser for the eyes and ears. The only thing detracting away from it would be the storyline… but that wasn’t the case on this week’s episode of glee (:

screencaps & spoilers after the jump!

Mr.Schuester decides that this week’s assignment will be a Duet Competition!

we have…

Santana & Mercedes! this was definitely a pairing i never thought would’ve happened, given their personalities & character relationships in the show. but! the glee writers came up with quite a believable spin that led to their pairing, and i think santana’s voice is getting better and better with every episode (though i really thought her madonna look the previous episode was quite matronly and blah)

Despite their differences, their voices did pair quite wonderfully together and i enjoyed their cheerleader-esque dance moves.

Their Song Choice: River Deep, Mountain High by Ike & Tina Turner

and then surprise surprise! we have a totally unexpected pairing of Britney & Artie. i kinda love how those two names went together, and there was quite the intimate development.

Unfortunately, these two did not sing, but then again i can’t imagine their voices really meshing together so while i was disappointed that their duet was not heard, i wasn’t surprised coz the show writers do have a tendency of neglecting voices when they don’t really fit into the genre –> remember how rachel dominated the most of season one? yep.

the saving grace of this pairing was that tinge of emotion britney seemed to display… is she more than just a dum dum? perhaps there’ll be more development on this next ep!

we have Kurt & Elizabeth Hummel (well basically it’s Kurt and Kurt haha) Kurt takes on BOTH roles for his duet, because he struggles with feeling unique and having no one to pair up with (Finn convinces Sam not to, and Mercedes gets stolen by Santana). And i have to say, his costume is PURE GENIUS. it gives the illusion of him as a gentleman and a flapper girl , all he has to do is turn and give the preferred side profile. kudos to whoever thought this up. you HAVE to watch it to see the effect for yourself. Gaga might be so inspired to copy it herself, more exaggeratedly of course.

Song Choice: Le Jazz Hot! by Victor/Victoria

Sam & Quinn, as Santana says, make an awfully charming couple. I’ve loved Sam’s voice ever since he sang Billionaire by Bruno Mars in episode 1, and seeing him pairing up with Quinn makes a GOLDEN COUPLE! haha but yeah he dyed his hair. the chemistry between them is definitely stronger than any chemistry Finn has had with any girl (methinks he’s just too tall.. too large.. and too pasty to really inspire that kind of atmosphere…) but Sam is both charming and giving Puck some dangerous competition.I hope to see more of them coz their voices are just so good together!

Song Choice: Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat (and Quinn kicks Colbie’s ass.)

aand we have the couple that gave me the most laughs this episode, Mike & Tina! While their duet was definitely more comic than pleasing to the ears, Mike really brought out his comic talent this episode – i’ve never seen him more alive before.

it won’t be a song that i’ll be adding to my ipod, but it’s definitely a video i’ll keep watching for laughs. Mike’s facial expressions are just so… Jim Carrey like, almost! Tina pales in comparison here, but they make a cute couple together nevertheless.

Song Choice: Sing – A Chorus Line

we have of course our Power Couple, Rachel & Finn. they sang two songs this episode, both of which were harmonious to perfection and well, it’s kinda getting boring that they’re perpetually paired together even though it makes for great ipod material.

Song Choices:

1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki Dee

2. Some Churchy Unknown Song …

and it seems the Glee show writers have answered our prayers and provided quite the unexpected Duet of Rachel and Kurt, and i loved how both of them really committed to giving that lazy, laidback vibe that their duet required. Which really speaks of their talent, because they’ve already shown us their competitive side with Defying Gravity back in season 1, and it shows how they can blend together even in a very different type of song!

Song choice: Happy Days Are Here Again” / “Get Happy” by Judy Garland & Barbra Streisand

So which pair do you think sang the best duet this episode? (:

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