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Glee S2 Ep 5

I never expected Glee to go all out with this, even with all the hype – so it was a pleasant surprise to know that the costumes & backdrop looked wonderful, quite professional and not the sloppy high school type that I quite expected. Read the rest of this entry

Bodyshop Haul

Seeing that I had Bodyshop vouchers as mentioned here, imagine my utter and complete inability to resist walking into the Bodyshop store today! As a shopaholic/shopahaulic, it’s my personal motto to shop smart, so I had already done my prior research on the instore offers & promotions available, to get the most bang outta my buck. Lucky for me, the shop manager said that using the vouchers together was not going to be a problem so I whipped out all four of them & promptly used up three vouchers. whoo!

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What a friend we have in cheeses

I have been meaning to try Pizza Hut’s newest pizza, the legendary Cheesy7 because it promises to be the “perfect pizza to satisfy all your cheese cravings.” WIth 7 different kinds of cheeses: Parmesan, Romano, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Mozzarella to velvety Cream Cheese cubes, it promises to be a slice of sheer indulgence. Does it live up to all the hype? You’ll see, after the jump! Read the rest of this entry

The Social Network

Yesterday the bf  & I headed to Vivocity to watch The Social Network – a movie about the founding of Facebook, an extremely popular social networking site amongst the young adults & teens of today. Having been a former Facebook addict – I no longer spend hours on end on that site, nor do I subscribe to 10000 apps & games as I used to do, I was still quite intrigued by the story behind the site’s creation

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MAC halloween face-off

Happy Halloween everyone! To kickstart this awesome holiday, I bring to you a MAC makeup special. It is a 2-part halloween series, reality-TV style that pits 3 makeup artists against each other and in 3 hours, they have to come up with a halloween look each (its kinda like Project Runway). The winner is determined by votes. I assure you, you will just be floored at how talented these people can be.

So here we go, parts 1 and 2:

And the winner is… Read the rest of this entry

Sally Hansen Black Diamond & Bodyshop vouchers!

Joy burst into my heart when I saw that Watsons was having a sale on its Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes (original price $13.90, marked down to $9.90). Of all polishes I’ve ever used, Sally Hansen is the brand I adore the most because it hasn’t ever let me down in terms of colour and quality.

The colour of this polish is truly unique – it’s not a pure jet black and contains micro glitter of varied shades, I can’t identify the colours for sure but i’m guessing silver, blue and green.. maybe even a very pale pink.

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Hog’s Breath + OOTD

Oh how I love the weekends! And because I don’t have classes on fridays, I have a nice long break to do abit of sightseeing and shopping, catch up with friends, do some light reading and feel like a NORMAL human being (it is inhumane to cram 4 deadlines in one week. We are not a production line that can seamlessly churn out one essay after another. We actually need time to produce something decent… *senses Ruth nodding in assent*)

Anyhow, today I was in town to run some errands and decided to pop by CHIJMES to eat at Hog’s Breath Cafe and boy was I in luck! They have a $10 NETT set meal!

Pictures and review after jump!!

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Fashion Friday: Hiker-esque Booties

Of all the shoes in the world, I definitely hold a soft spot in my heart for Booties. Chunky they may be, but they hold the foot so well and are extremely comfortable – plus I think that they look really cute on the feet.The only type of booties I dislike are the peeptoe ones, then again I dislike peeptoe shoes of all types, and by peeptoe I don’t mean the toes are simply exposed, I’m talking about the shoes with a teensy tiny holes at the tip. Exposing >half the toes is ok, less than that is just awkward and spoils the silhouette the shoe creates for the foot.

This season, designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti,  Alexander MacQueen, Moschino and Jimmy Choo have taken inspiration from the hiking boot, borrowing its metal hardware of buckles and eyelets and thick rubber soles. & they’re not sticking to the typical black-brown stereotype either. Below are my favourites at the moment – I’ve picked from a random assortment of brands to show different designer interpretations of this trend. Enjoy! :)

View details & prices of shoes here

Christmas in November!

Exciting news for all coffee lovers out there! Starbucks is heralding some much needed Christmas cheer with its three newest product promotions. With the heartwarming slogan “Share a cup, share a story,” it’s hard not to wanna dash to the nearest Starbucks outlet and get a cuppa. It doesn’t help that it has such an attractive ad either:

But wait, there’s still the product descriptions (those people really know how to write):

Toffee Nut Latte

The rich, buttery flavor of sweet toffee is combined with the warmth of toasted nuts and blended with our smooth espresso and velvety steamed milk; topped with whipped cream and toffee-flavored sprinkles.

Peppermint Mocha

Rich cholocate, smooth espresso and velvety steamed milk blended with refreshing peppermint; topped with whipped cream and mocha sauce drizzle.

Dark Cherry Mocha

Warm bittersweet chocolate is infused with the flavor of dark, sweet dried cherries and combined with espresso and steamed milk; finished with whipped cream and dusted with mocha powder.

Now I’ve got serious coffee cravings. For the peppermint mocha in particular mmmm…. Peppermint, mocha and Christmas. Enuff’  said. I’m sold.


The colour White and I aren’t really good friends. Whenever I see a pure, blank sheet of white, I can’t resist the urge to just put something on it, doodle or stick things on top of it. For white to remain white just seems a waste of blank space to me, but in my quest for a more simple, muted style (which as I sadly note, will be forced upon me once I enter the working world)… here’s the predominantly white look I tried out the other day.

Boyfriend Cardigan – Forever21, Tank Top – Bugis Street, Skirt – American Eagle Read the rest of this entry

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